Behind The Scenes of Business

By Dr. Joy S. Pedersen

There are countless books on negotiations, selling, presentations, and the list goes on regarding resources for building business. You don’t hear much about the karma* behind the business dealings, however. This in many cases, however, is the missing ingredient that, if addressed, could make all the difference in the world.

A client called about a business deal he was working on and was experiencing a glitch in the negotiations. When I tuned in, I saw a past life connection between the two that was hindering their movement. Using an updated ancient clearing process, ho’oponopono, it was cleared and the negotiations proceeded with much better results.

So often we focus on the obvious, the outward, and the visible, when, in fact, it’s behind the scenes, the subconscious, that holds our memories that is causing and contributing to the turn of events how a situation occurs or is played out. When you clear the karma, or the cause, the situation can have a dramatic change and outcome.

Every memory we hold from the beginning of time forward can impact the experiences we have in this lifetime including in our business dealings. If you find yourself sitting in front of someone who you are negotiating a big deal with but had slept with his wife several lifetimes ago, do you think he will trust you now and give you what you want?

What if you make a sales call on someone who was your political enemy at one time, do you think you have a lot of possibility on winning his business if his subconscious memory is still attached to that previous scenario?

The benefit of ho’oponopono is that you can clear those memories and connections between the people and situations of the past so they relate to you as you are now (hopefully a wonderful human being).

There are plenty of lifetimes where the methods of existence were less than desirable in relation to today’s standards. But regardless of whether or not your intellectual mind can rationalize the difference, if you were thrown in debtor’s prison in another life, it might not be as easy to get a loan. It might not be you aren’t granted one, but you may be apprehensive by the process. Releasing those memories could cause a more effortless experience.

A woman who was forced into selling her body for survival in another life, could find herself in business struggling to make money because she is so repulsed by selling herself she can’t sell anything. She could read every sales book on the planet and not make progress in her efforts because she subconsciously finds selling herself so distasteful. But what if she doesn’t believe in reincarnation? It doesn’t really matter if she believes in reincarnation or not, the bottom line is her belief that selling herself is a negative experience. Unless she releases the cause of the belief, no matter what it is or how it came to be, she will be fighting an uphill battle.

I was fortunate to have been exposed to the ho’oponopono process early in my career and saw first hand the impact it had on it. The time I took to work on the behind the scenes relationships and situations involved with my business situations made a huge impact. This clearing process, when applied, could change the dynamics of a situation drastically. The clearer I was, the better the results I experienced.

*Karma is cause and effect.

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen is a Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual Coach and D.D., who channels God, angels and others through automatic writing. She is currently publishing a book received from Michael, the Archangel. She shares channeled messages regularly through

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