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Letter from Maureen Kinsey

shapeimage_5Joy Pedersen is a powerhouse intuitive colleague of mine.
Another kindred spirit suggested that I meet Joy as we share many interests.

I am so glad I heeded her advice and met Joy. I attended a business networking
meeting that Joy hosts at The Paris Inn in Wayne NJ where I purchased a copy of Joy’s book,
Wisdom of the Guardian that evening.

Being a published editor, I can attest to the quality and style of writing and being a intuitve,
I can endorse the integrity of the information contained in the messages.
From reading Wisdom of the Guardian, I fully appreciated Joy’s courage
and matter of fact approach in sharing such poignant and relevant messages from Archangel

Several months later, I gladly attended a talk that Joy presented at The Metaphysical Society of NJ
at Ramapo College. After that live presentation, I chose to experience a session with Joy.

It was a truly unique powerful session that I endorse and recommend that you experience.
The work that Archangel Michael and Joy offer is potent, laser focused, no nonsense and highly effective.
Make no mistake, they work as a team to clear residue of all things
unseen that no longer work or serve your Highest Good.

Joy is a dedicated and committed professional who clearly enjoys her work and I intend no pun.

If you desire intense clearing, contact Joy and begin to enjoy better feeling, more aware, high vibrating results.
Experience Express Success with Joy Pedersen.
You will be blessed, aligned, and empowered when you do.

March 6, 2012

I’ve taken lots of seminars and courses over many years, and bought tons of books and CDs that are supposed to help you feel better and accomplish more in your life. They all emphasize affirmations, strategies, goal-setting and willpower; things which focus on using the conscious mind to overcome limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs. I’d feel great for a while, but nothing ever made real lasting changes for me.

Joy’s work appealed to me because it goes directly to the programming we all carry in our subconscious mind to expose and pull out the roots of our problems and issues. I have been amazed out how effortless and painless the sessions are with her. I thought I’d need to dredge up and re-experience all kinds of awful things; but it’s not like that at all. She has an ability to zero in on exactly what’s going on for me at the moment and then quietly clear things away, leaving me feeling uplifted and fully alive. The phone sessions are quick, convenient and fun. (She has a great sense of humor!)

I highly recommend Joy’s services, and I suggest everyone go through several sessions within a few weeks of each other to get the best results. If you join a gym, you don’t expect to do 1 workout and then be in top shape. Clearing up the stuff buried in your subconscious takes more than 1 session too, but even a few hours spent with Joy’s talents can make a real difference in the quality of your life.

Advertising Executive


Is That All There Is? The journey is much more satisfying than the finish line. Since we are all works in process, we never truly arrive, we just fool ourselves into believing we do.

I came from very humble beginnings, not having realized my full potential as I stepped upon the world stage to take my place. As it turns out, I became the “The Great American Success Story” by society’s standards. I had it all, a great family, career, home, cars, vacations and much, much more. I drank the “Cool Aid” and thought I would be transformed. Instead, all I felt was emptiness and wanting. Is that all there is? Every time I checked off another milestone of my life plan, I continued to feel an inexplicable void, but why?

After 25 years of an unhappy marriage, a declining career, suffering from numbing depression while visiting a therapist and taking medication that made me feel like a junkie, I decided to leave it all behind and embark on a journey of self-realization. In my quest, I was reunited with a true friend, Dr. Joy Pedersen. Though the years, we discussed her profession and I was always intrigued by the possibilities to find God as I had no formal religious training and did not possess faith. What prevented me first from enlisting Joy before was the fear of being ridiculed by my wife and possible others for what I would call “A leap of faith.”

The want of faith became much stronger then that of fear and I decided to call Joy. Fortunately for me, she had time to take me on as a client. From my first phone session with Joy, I began to feel God’s presence and positive intervention. Since then, my ability to turn my life around for the better grows and grows as I work on a purposeful life filled with harmony, balance, joy and abundance.

I have not arrived as one never truly does. I am finding the journey interesting, revealing, life altering and fulfilling. I am currently 75% free of all depression medication and 100% of my addiction. I live in a one-bedroom rental instead of a luxury 8,500 sq. ft. custom built home and I have more peace of mind while better positioning myself for a brighter future. When you open your mind to the possibilities and step out of your comfort zone, the answer always is “there is much, much more.

Allen, Corporate Consultant

*******************************************************************< Reference for Joy Pedersen By Alan K. I take great pleasure in recommending Dr. Joy Pedersen to those seeking and are committed to improving the quality and outcome of their personal and professional lives. I have had the pleasure to know Joy for over seven years and have been the beneficiary of her healing for nearly two. No matter what my emotional state is when we begin the sessions, I always feel cleansed, centered and at peace by the time she is finished. As I continue to work towards transitioning, growing, changing myself and my life for the better, I now have a profound sense of clarity and purpose that I never knew existed. I am well on my way to the life I was meant to fulfill. I could not have hoped to accomplish that goal without Joy's gifts, compassion, insight and guidance. I endorse Joy to anyone who wants to truly understand themselves, expand their horizons and remove any blockage from being all they were mean to be.

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