God on the Future of Business

The following messages came through from God. He discusses the future of business in a way that educates and inspires. It provides a glimpse to the possibilities of the future that I found encouraging. Even if you don’t have a business, the impact will be felt and, I believe, be appreciated.

When you are able to listen to the audio, there is a different energy and benefit than just reading the transcript, which I have included. So, if you can listen to the audio, please do.

Part One:

The future of business is not about you doing. It will be about you being. My way of doing business is not the way you have been used to so far. You will find dramatic differences in the way I do business versus the way humanity does business.

I recommend letting go of your attachments to the way humanity has done business so far. The way humanity has done business so far has limited its ability to create divinely and what is divinely possible.

What has occurred in the past has been based on limited thinking. Humanity’s way of doing business is based on limited thinking, lack, greed, control, manipulation. It has not been created in balance.

The imbalances that humanity has created in their way of doing business has been the undoing of this country. It was never intended for this country to be built on greed, lack and limitation. The foundation of this country was to be built on freedom and equity for all. It has been its undoing when humanity has decided that its way is better than the divine way. The divine way takes all into consideration and it is done with ease and grace. The way of doing business so far has been built on a flimsy, if not destructive foundation, and it would be easier my way. But, everyone is so attached to their way of doing things and the way things have been set up. They don’t even recognize what is possible because it hasn’t been possible before.

When you do things humanity’s way, you lose what is possible. What is possible is so much more extraordinary than you would ever imagine.

Part Two:

When you engage in My way of doing business, you will find it’s a little disconcerting at first because it’s not what you’re used to because what you’re used to is working hard. What you’re used to is thinking. Neither are necessary. So you have to give that up. Give up all attachments to working hard and thinking about what it is that you need to do.

All you need to do is ask Me. Ask, do, ask, do and when you are told what to do, you may be told it’s time to rest now. So rest. If you are told to take a walk now, take a walk. It isn’t about being a slave to your desk, your laptop or phone. These are wonderful modern conveniences you have in this electronic age. This technology that you have at your fingertips is supposed to serve you; you are not to serve it.

Humanity’s way of doing business today has enslaved you to technology, to the desk, and to a business. People are to no longer be enslaved by anyone or anything. Herein I state one of the dictates of this new world. No one is to be enslaved by an idea, by a person, by a tradition, by anyone, or by anything. No one is to be enslaved. To do so, would be causing grave harm. It is not for you or anyone to cause harm.

This world is to be built on freedom. Business is to be built within the context of freedom. No business will thrive if they are enslaving their employees going forward. People are not to be enslaved. There will be a new world order and I can assure you, you will enjoy this new method and order. It is not based on control and manipulation, threats and enslavement as is your current corporate marketplace. It will be built on freedom, fairness, balance, integrity and love.

Love must be at the core of all business. Why do I say love? Because I am love. That is who I am. I am love. When you are aligned with Me, you are in love. When you love your work, you are aligned with Me and it becomes an easy workflow. Deadlines are met much easier. All the resources you require will be at your fingertips. You will lack for nothing. You will enjoy what you do and want to do more of it but you will be guided as to when to work and when not to, when to play and when not to.

You will be in divine rhythm. When you are in divine rhythm, others fall into divine rhythm. The more that allow divine rhythm to unfold, the more divine rhythm permeates all operations. When you create out of a state of love aligned with the divine within, the source of all, you have all that it takes to be successful because by aligning with the divine within, you are successful. You cannot be anymore successful than that. That is success. That is completeness. That is wholeness. That provides you access to all that exists in the universe. What more would you need than that? And that my friend is your future.