House and Property Clearing and Blessing


Clear the environment of negative energy, thoughts, and feelings that may be from current or previous residents that may contribute to such experiences such as stress, disharmony, lack, confusion, chaos, fear, hopelessness, desperation, indecision, etc.

Clear the energy and memory of the property to the center of the earth including all inhabitants and everything and everyone that has been on and crossed through the property since the beginning of time. This includes all previous structures, builders, realtors, political and legal disputes, owners and anything that could be blocking the flow of positive energy.

Clear the energy and the memory of the structure since it’s inception including all the materials used in the creation of the home and the connections to the tools, supplies and suppliers, architects, contractors, builders, and all those known and unknown involved in any aspect of the building and building materials used in the structure.

By clearing negative energies from a home or property, residents have reported less accidents, fewer arguments, better feelings and happier residents.

Property can be cleared to release the energy of previous residents

What are the benefits of a clearing property?

Our clients have expressed:

  • Everything feels better
  • Circumstances go more smoothly
  • Fewer accidents
  • Less arguments
  • More peace and happiness

When should a property be cleared?

  • When a home is first purchased
  • When there are accidents
  • When there is disharmony/more arguments
  • If the property is near a cemetary
  • When there is a new structure put onto property
  • When there is a remodel
  • Anytime things feel different, off, wrong or negative
  • When you want to sell your home
  • When there is a new baby
  • When you want to sell a home


By blessing property and home, you bring positive energy to heal and enhance the environment which improves the experience for those who inhabit or visit the home and property.

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