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The World Needs You!

Have you felt called, inspired or felt like you wanted to make a difference in the world? The world needs you now more than ever. Are you ready to step up and do all that you can to serve, be of value and make the difference you were likely born to make?

God created you for a reason. It’s not about doing something your soul doesn’t already resonate with. It’s not about being magnanimous. It is about being authentic. It is time to live your authentic self, fulfilling the reason you came here. This is your shot. You were born for this.

What I have found

There are emotions, limiting beliefs, ancestral programming and other hidden issues within the subconscious that may be blocking you. Darkness has also sabotaged all throughout their existence on the planet and caused many of your problems.

This is the most pivotal time in history

Much is coming together for humanity to evolve and ascend into Heaven on Earth, a time and place for peace, joy, love, fulfillment, freedom and abundance. Lightworkers, and others who are here to serve, have descended onto the planet this lifetime to help all evolve to this most treasured and planned for place in time.

This – considered the end of times – has been long awaited. Many are frightened of what is to come. Nothing needs to be feared. Many lightworkers unconsciously fear persecution and, therefore, are limited in their income as well as scope of service and fulfillment of their true nature and calling to serve God at the highest level.

This fear sabotages them from within. And, they have also often been unknowingly sabotaged by darkness intentionally undermining them directly, or indirectly through others, to cause them to fail, or delay in recognizing and/or fulfilling their calling.

Once the sabotage is removed and their unconscious negative memories, fears and limiting beliefs holding them back are fully released – they will become fearless fulfilling their calling and reason for coming to Earth. Now, is the time to set all free from the shackles that have bound far too long.

Kind Words

Sharing the generosity of those who we have served.

“I had so many doubts about your work before starting but it fascinated me at the same time. Thank you for opening my heart and eyes. I have never been the same since. Nor has my life.” ~ Victoria Salvatore

“My finances greatly improved since we started working together. Before we started, I was always frightened of loss and just not making it. Now it comes when I expect it as well as not expect it. Thank you; much appreciated and relieved! Your efforts have certainly made a difference.~ Jenny Maxwell

“It is amazing how you are able to tell exactly what is causing my challenges. You seem to go right there. I am grateful for the insights and the difference it has made. I am definitely not as fearful and certainly more confident that all will be well.”       ~ M. Frank

It is time for all to soar, succeed, feel fulfilled and realize peace on Earth. 

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Heavenly Perspective

It is time for all to soar, succeed, feel fulfilled and realize peace on Earth.

“People often invest more in their portfolios, losing weight or
clothes than they invest in their souls. If they invested in their souls, the rest would take care of itself.”

~ God

“Many have a calling and are not living up to potential. Their fears and imbalances are holding them back. The planet will move forward without their being on board, but the sooner they do get on board, the easier it will be for all.”
~ Archangel Michael

“You aren’t to become anything other than your true self aligned with the Source within expressing your divine nature and purpose.”
~ Archangel Faith


It is time for you to have peace, freedom, love and abundance. Joy Pedersen’s role this lifetime is to help set you free from the fears and limited beliefs from countless lifetimes experienced on Earth.

Representing the twin flame of Archangel Michael on Earth, Archangel Michael has been able to work through Joy to help clear the cause of humanity’s karma holding all back from the time of the fallen angels to the opening of Heaven on Earth. Their work together began in 2004 when Michael appeared to her asking her to join him in a healing practice and write his book, which became, “Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life”. Their work clearing the cause of darkness and karma has now been featured in the #1 International Best Seller, “Clear Your Past and Change Your Future”.


Success Over Obstacles, Adversity and Resistance.

You came to Earth for a reason. You wanted to be here for the end of times when we moved into Heaven on Earth and opened up the new golden age.

You made it! You are here. But, are you fulfilling your calling? Will you return to Heaven successful that you have accomplished all that you came here to accomplish?

I fulfilled my calling. Now, I’m called to help you fulfill yours.

It was my calling to house the soul of Archangels Michael and Faith so they could clear the cause of darkness so we could open up Heaven on Earth. We were successful. Now, it is our calling to help release the effects of darkness and help everyone ascend to and succeed within Heaven on Earth.

We need your help, however. We need every lightworker, healer, leader, coach and service provider who has a calling, to help everyone evolve, ascend and to assist the planet on reaching its ultimate potential.

We want to help you not only to make the difference in the world you came here to make, but for you to feel proud on your return home to
Heaven. You should feel proud standing before your review board successful in all that you came here to accomplish.

If you want to make a difference in the world, fulfill your destiny, and are ready to explore the next step toward transformation to more easily fulfill your destiny, complete an application so we can schedule a Clarity Call with you.


Success comes from within.

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