Welcome to my spiritual healing and coaching practice. I look forward to our time together. I may be in service to you, but we are also in partnership together helping you improve aspects of your life and/or business.

To make our time together most productive, I have created this document so we are on the same page on how best to work together. Hopefully, it answers some of the frequently asked questions that have come up over the years. It is a little long but I try to be as thorough as possible.


Informed Consent

My spiritual healing license requires you complete an Informed Consent. You should have received a separate email with an Informed Consent. Please hit reply, fill it out and hit send to return. 


I ask for payment before our sessions so the time is reserved for you and your time is devoted only to serving you rather than collecting funds from you. If you have a regular standing appointment and experience a payment challenge at any given time, communicating that before the session will keep you in integrity. We are here to clear karma rather than create it so open communication is key.

We accept credit cards and Paypal and try and accommodate your preference. If you know the amount already and would like to use this link, you are welcome to now. https://www.paypal.me/ExpressSuccessLLC.

We are affiliated with Paypal Credit if you require additional financing options.

If you prefer sending a check, I ask that you send a check to have it clear before the session. If a check ends up returned, there is a $25 “check return fee”.


You are paying for my time rather than results. Your results are dependent on you and Divinity. Our time is equally valuable. Calling on time helps keep us on target. That being said, I am sometimes unable to pick up the phone exactly on time because I may be channeling information or helping solve an issue for the previous client that causes that session to run over. It is always my goal to keep my time commitments. I respect your time and hate to be late. I also don’t want to cut someone off, including you, when we are accessing or sharing information pertinent to the client’s best interest for that particular session. That model right now goes for you as well. I will always give you the amount of time you booked and paid for but, on occasion, maybe delayed shortly completing the last appointment. I ask for you to be on time so I don’t delay anyone more than necessary. I also ask for your understanding and forgiveness if I am trying to complete serving someone’s needs in process delaying yours.

I also ask your help in my being able to end the call on time to respect the next client’s time and so I can keep on track for the rest of day.

I try and end the appointment in 25 minutes, leaving 5 minutes to clear my session with you in preparation for the next session. The same holds true with our hourly sessions, I ask for 10 minutes to clear our session together before entering into the next session.

The ultimate goal is for me to create win/win situations with respect to all and allowing me to be of the utmost service possible.

As I have to take time to make sure I am clear before and after calls so I don’t take energy from one client to another, there needs to be some room for that as well.

Cancellations and Postponements

Running a practice can be challenging in the efforts to meet everyone’s needs and requests. I want to accommodate as much as possible and create a win/win situation. Taking all variables into consideration, that standard practices help make it easier for all to manage time and decisions.

If you need an adjustment to your time and there is flexibility, I will try and accommodate but it may not be possible.

If you don’t cancel before 24 hours of your appointment, you will be charged 100% of the appointment. However, since I can clear on your behalf in absentee, I can still clear your energy and anything else I am guided to at the time or you choose to email to include.

Session Procedure and Format

The first session can take a little longer before we start to address your needs because of needing to explain the process. Therefore, I am explaining it here so you are familiar with the format in advance. Please feel free to ask any questions, however, before we start.

When you call, I will open a channel to Divinity, during the time the process is open, anything you think and say will be included. You share with me what you desire to address. I will use my expertise to include appropriate aspects of those issues as well as intuit specific information to include.

I often start the session by just clearing your energy which can release much without my even identifying it.

I will include ancestors as I have found in my practice that, as mentioned in the Bible, “the sins of the father are borne upon the children”. People are affected by memories passed down through their DNA. Sometimes ancestors come through and communicate. Whatever is released from you, will also help your descendants.

I will be guided what to include. At times you will recognize the statements and subconscious issues mentioned and at other times what I say may not resonate with you. Things buried in the subconscious aren’t necessarily conscious which is why you may not realize certain things are sabotaging your desired results.

When I am tuning in and silent, feel free to include whatever you desire silently as we can do double duty to use our time together as fully as possible. When digging for the data, I am sometimes silent longer than others.

There may be times emotions surface or you feel physical sensations. In either case, if you bring those feelings to my attention, I can help you release them quicker. These sensations are often connected to memories we are accessing to release during the session.

I may feel emotions or sometimes bodily sensations [headaches for example] that clue me into clearing something for you and when that occurs you may or may not also feel something similar. Often you do not notice the sensations yourself and only I do.

I recommend drinking more water after the session and over the next few days as you continue to release what is included during the session. Those negative memories that are stored in your body are toxic and the water helps release them from your body.

Your experience of each session may be different depending on the issues addressed and the memories released.

You may find yourself yawning during a session or I may yawn. In either case, it is evidence of you releasing. If I have to release for you by yawning, I cannot speak or channel until the yawn is complete, which is the only downside. Sometimes we both yawn during a session.

Your subconscious, as your memory bank and computer, is the part of you that holds all records. Your subconscious is also considered your inner child. Your inner child will be the part of you that will be key in this work identifying, accessing and releasing the memories, records and emotions stored in your subconscious. He or she does not have to relive the memories but just access and include the records or memories without reviewing and emotionally engaging.

At any given time you are either living out of memory or inspiration.

Most people most of the time are living out of memory.

Our goal during your session is to help you let go of the unconscious negative memories that are holding you back.

During our time together we will identify and release all that we have time for during that session.

We would all love a miracle to release all contributing factors to your challenges in one session. However, I want to manage your expectations. You may receive immediate results in some degree or another. You may feel lighter and more relieved. That’s evidence of having let some things go.

Each person and each session is different from one another. What we are working on at the time will dictate how many sessions may be necessary as there are often layers to much of what we address. As you release those layers, sometimes other layers reveal themselves.

Your life and business reflects that which is within. My goal for you is to have a session that is relatively uneventful but impactful.

Each time you do this work, you have the opportunity to change your future and impact potentially thousands of lives depending on the dynamics of what is included during our time together.

I look forward to working with you. This work has changed my life as well as countless lives of those I have worked with over the years.

I am committed to your getting the best results possible during our time together.

Those that get the best results are those who are equally committed and willing to let go of that which is not serving them.

There are times, however, that the only desire is to clear an upcoming event, meeting, travel, etc. which may not necessarily have emotional issues attached. In those cases, those events may be included in a regular session or all you will require is a min-session. The mini-session is also created for emergency situations that may arise.

I can do this work by email in absentee as well. If you are traveling and need assistance or something comes up and you have an emergency or need extra assistance, that will be possible as well. As I charge for my time, that is all I will charge you for on those occasions.

Feel free to ask questions as I am here to serve you not only in letting go of those memories but to also feel comfortable in the process. There is no charge for a question after a session and I am happy to respond as soon as I can. Email will usually get a quicker response.


It may be useful to take notes or at least have pen/paper handy if some instruction or insight is shared. It is not recommended to record because we are trying to let go of negative connections. If that energy is captured on the tape, it only helps draw the negativity back to you.

Paper, however, is useful as there will be times I give gifts from Divinity or messages from Divinity or angels or others that you may wish to capture. Also, when I work, I often have my eyes closed and while channeling information, and some information comes fast and I am not able to capture the information on paper.

I will sometimes give you insights as to what to clear on the next session or sometimes things to do and it would be useful to have you capture that and feed that back to me next session. Due to the nature of this work and often having back-to-back sessions, the time also doesn’t always permit me taking notes on your case.

Case Studies

It is not my practice to share our personal work together, unless you give me permission. That being said, it is helpful to share the learnings and experiences from the sessions with others so they understand the work better. If you would like to supply a testimonial, that would be useful to others who would benefit and could use clarification. If you would like to supply a testimonial and have a business, I would be happy to feature your business in my marketing. An anonymous testimonial can also be useful to help educate others on the benefits of this work. But, if I share a case study I protect everyone’s privacy.

Some case studies are shared in my blog for educational purposes and, again, no names are ever used.

Group Work

On occasion, I will have group clearings and have been guided to look into additional programs to reach more people in an affordable manner. I will advise as those options also become available.

End Results

Following each session, many will benefit from your choosing to work on yourself or your business. I cannot, however, guarantee just how or when specific changes will occur.

As your subconscious [inner child] is the part of you that holds the records we are releasing, may be pulling those records out over the next few days after the session is closed. He or she does not have to review, study or contemplate those memories but can just release them. Knowing this helps them to not dwell on the story of the memory so you don’t have to experience the emotional connections related to the memory itself.

Follow Up

I like to follow up to see how you are doing and often do by email versus phone because I spend much time on the phone in sessions. I also have to block time off for channeling information or do the global healing work I perform. Therefore, I always like you to let me know how you are doing whether or not prompted by me. Know that I care and care to know how you are doing. If you have questions following our session, feel free to email so I can likely respond sooner rather than later.

Healing vs. Coaching

You will find the majority of our time together spent on clearing the cause of your challenges whether they relate to business, personal, relationship, money, health or wellbeing. You can provide a list of what you want to be included in the beginning. All that is included is being worked on in some regard. On occasion, I will share experiences, insights and an outlook that fall more under the coaching umbrella. The goal is to heal and enlighten to help you achieve better results quicker and easier.

In closing, I appreciate the choice you have made to work together and the time you took to read this page before we begin.

Please type your name at the bottom of the document when you finish reading.

I look forward to taking you under my wings and helping you soar with more ease.

Peace be with you,

Dr. Joy

PS Please also understand this document may be periodically updated as needs and insights change.

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