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Clear Your Past and Change Your Future


Experience spiritual enlightenment and renewal of oneself as you are being cleansed and released from karma, bondages of darkness, and negative energies. 

Join Dr. Joy Pedersen as she will identify and clear the causes of karma and darkness in your life.  As you receive this powerful healing energy transmission, you will experience a deep awakening of your soul, your inner being, your true self. 

It is then when you begin to effortlessly receive the grace and abundance of God, which karma and darkness have been blocking all this time. You will see your life transform in all areas in the most loving, compassionate, and joyful way.




Clear With Joy, the Angels and Ascended Masters

Joy has spent years of clearing the cause of people’s challenges, including ancestral programming, fears and limiting beliefs, darkness, spells, curses, doing thousands of exorcisms, that are negatively impacting them.

There are countless lifetimes of memories that are hidden within the subconscious replaying in the background as if that is the reality of today. Until those memories, and the negative emotions and energetic charge from those memories, are released, they still operate in the background attracting less than optimal results.

Consider God is your operating system, and over that are programs created by and inputted by humanity into your subconscious. In addition, you have negative past experiences that also replay as programming. Together they project out what you experience in the world. They clog up, block and slow down God’s ability to operate seamlessly through you for your highest good.

Joy uses her intuitive gifts to see the past lives of people and ascertain the limiting beliefs and negative emotions that were holding them back and release them using spiritual healing gifts. While working with people’s subconscious and high self, Joy along with the angels and ascended masters and whoever was guided to assist, would set them free from the cause and effect of those situations.


Clearing and rebalancing your energy helps raise your vibration, which also helps you attract better results.



Program Description

Rather than exclusively have private sessions, God has requested we do a group healing call to reach more of the masses. This work is very specialized. It is the gift Joy was provided this lifetime to serve humanity. By setting up these calls, God will work through Joy to lift whatever is appropriate to release from the participants during the time of our call.

Each time we do a clearing, more information is released that has been holding someone back. It is like peeling an onion. Sometimes lifetimes and a variety of issues may be released from one call. All layers may not be released all at one time because  it must occur in divine timing for your highest good.

Think of your negative memories and emotions as a chain to your past holding you there. They weigh you down. Each time you let go of a layer, you are freer. The number of layers or memories, limiting beliefs and emotions dictate how much needs to be released before the results you seek become effortless.



The more you release what isn’t you or of God, you live a more authentic, self-expressed life on purpose reaching the goals you set before coming here.


You will dial in the number provided once you register. You should receive a reminder before the session as well. The call may be on record mode, but the recording will not be shared. It was guided that the session must be completed within the timeframe given.

However, you can enroll in absentee if not physically available to benefit. This means your spirit will be present and benefit without your physical attendance. There will be no personal interaction, no requirement to state your name and no conversation.

We will clear your chakras, meridians, aura, as well as your spiritual, mental, physical and emotional bodies, and all attachments, cords, etc. We will clear between you and your family, relatives and ancestors as most of your karma is connected with your family. You will be cleared with all other participants on the call along with their family, relatives and ancestors and each other and theirs. We will include cultural, religious, political, and ancestral programming. We will also clear with 3D programming and the 3D Matrix.


Featured subject to clear:

On the first Saturday of the month going forward, we will help set you free. We will be supporting you in clearing your energy and attachments, raising your vibration, ascending, and gaining more clarity to soar with Source with more ease.



There will be a section where you will be able to silently include whatever you wish personally.

There will also be a section where we will address global issues and a portion of the proceeds go to other global healing work.

Whatever is ready to be released in divine order, with good to all, will be released according to the will of God. The goal is to set you free from whatever is possible from your past, during this session, that has been limiting you.




Feedback from previous events: 

“The call helped me awaken.” “I could tell immediately that I was releasing.” “With deep gratitude to you, God and all those assisting.” “Thank you for doing this for us.” It was amazing!” “I feel so different.” “Thank you for doing this for us.” “I’m already looking forward to the next one.” “I can’t believe how good I feel.” “God is sooo good!” “Affordable way to get whole family to participate.” “I felt so relaxed afterward.” “I knew I was releasing because it brought tears to my eyes, which was a good thing.” “I had no idea what to expect and was delighted.” “That was beautiful.” “I am so grateful I could experience that.” “I feel so much better.” “I can’t wait until the next one.” “The angels connected with me immediately.” “I felt the presence of my family.”





Saturday, August 1, 2020

If you cannot make the date and time but want to benefit, you can do so in absentee by registering. Because there is really no separation in time and space, which means your spirit will participate without your physical presence. You and your family, relatives and ancestors will be included as if you were on the phone.



The time was taken into consideration 11:11 (where Joy is located at the time for the call). This month’s call will be on Pacific Standard Time. That is when the formal part will begin. You will be guided to get on the call a few moments earlier to be ready when the official clearing begins.

According to Numerology, the number 11 is the link between the mortal and the immortal; which explains the idea that when the clock strikes 11:11, a window to heaven opens up to grant wishes. It is one of the codes meaning activation of DNA, and it is a specific frequency of awakening.

A Master number, the 11 is the most intuitive of all numbers. It is instinctual, charismatic, dynamic, and capable when its sights are set on a concrete goal. The 11 is the number associated with faith.

The call will be completed at 12:12; 12 as being the number of spiritual completion.



Everything about this call is being designed by God including the investment. The amount of $66 was established partly because it equaled 12, the number of spiritual completion. That number has been significant throughout Joy’s years of clearing and significant global events.

The investment is $66 for a variety of reasons, including all the energy, and benefits but also as outlined here from the numerology and angel number perspective:


    • The meaning, significance, or vibrations of the number 6 are balance, charity, service, healing, selflessness, idealism, home and family, love, empathy, and beauty. It also includes imagination, effective communication, tolerance, joyfulness, optimism, idealism, responsibility, and dynamism.
    • 66 is the spiritual master number of love. It brings in the energies of happiness and social connections.
    • 66 reduce to 12 and 1+2 = 3, and 3 symbolizes creative perfection – mother, father and child, which we are including our work together.



Spiritual healing and the ability to surrender to God in the moment is the fastest route to have the life you want exactly show up effortlessly. However, majority of change appears in subtleties.

It is very important for you to go into this with the commitment to let go of everything. Any personal resistance to releasing such as justification, judgment, blame or guilt can prevent you from adequately releasing. All, however, is released in divine timing for your highest good.

You may see or feel instant results and shifts or you may benefit from the changes without noticing the connection to the clearing. The more you are able to clear, the more you release, the higher you vibrate and the more change you will experience over time. All is by divine design.

These calls are very powerful and comprehensive. The results also may be life changing but subtle and appear more over time because it is gentle and the easiest way to release a lot of what is hidden that is holding you back.

God shared on the topic of expectation: “People either expect miracles or they expect failure and a variety of outcomes in between. If people truly learned to let go and accept my working through them in the moment, all is perfect. And, it may not look anything like the sort. All is purposeful if I have my hand in it. Letting go allowing me to drive the car, assures better outcomes than when others do it for themselves alone.” 





What do I do after the call?

Drink lots of water for a few days after the clearing as there is a cellular connection to the clearing and you want to release toxins.


What’s the refund policy?

There will be no refunds because the work is so comprehensive, takes time and enormous energy. Even if you cannot attend, you will be included in absentee. You will be benefiting whether immediately evident or not.


Is there a minimum age to participate? 



Can the call be recorded? 

No, but if we record for internal purposes, if we end up clearing darkness within the call, you can attract it back if playing again. The clearing is to be completed during the time period given.


Will my family members have their karma cleared as well? 

There is a possibility some may be cleared depending on if an ancestor or descendant. If you created karma and it was affecting your descendant, they would be cleared of it affecting them any longer. If the karma you suffer is caused by your ancestors, and they were included in the dynamic included, their karma has the possibility to be cleared as well as the negative affect on you and your descendants. If a spouse or child wants their personal karma and energy cleared, they would have to be registered to participate to full benefit.


Will you be doing these again? 

There is the intention to do again. You can be notified by going to and you will be alerted.


For additional questions

If there are any additional questions, email Dr. Joy at with “Questions about Group Clearing Call” within the subject line.

If you want change and to understand this work better, reading “Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life” will be beneficial. You can also read more about the work done to clear the karma negatively affecting humanity in “Clear Your Past and Change Your Future”, and the real causes of your problems. Both can be found at

Current Monthly Call