Welcome to my world. I want to acknowledge that after years of doing this work, I need to simplify what I do and offer to make it easier on you. Therefore, this page is set up to help clarify and simplify not only what I do but how you can work with me if you decide to go further.

First, I wanted to thank you for stopping by and reading. This site can be quite cumbersome with much to read and digest so hopefully this page will help. If not, please don’t hesitate to ask questions from my contact page here

A little about me for context. While working in Hollywood, I realized everyone had a block to having what they wanted with ease. It prompted me to help them, which is when I started my business, Express Success. In my effort to help them more effectively, I discovered the tool of spiritual healing. I later realized it was also a gift and a calling. 

I later began to help mostly business owners and professionals identify and release their blocks. I noticed that the people I attracted were often old souls, with a high purpose, and some blocks. I work over the phone (Skype or Zoom) for my international clients. So, over the decades doing this work I came to realize that spiritual healing could be applied to anything and anyone. By addressing the spiritual or the invisible realm of life, the subconscious, invisible energies, etc., we could apply spiritual healing and change the experience or achieve a desired outcome with more ease. This is why my website and offerings became more confusing. You can apply this to all aspects of life such as personal and business, family, health and wellbeing, travel, relationships, money issues, legal matters, sales transactions, clear property, etc. 

So, what I have found is that the person I work with has discovered a need or a desire to have things open up more smoothy or quickly, or just want to achieve more success with greater ease. They are usually more open minded to this more unusual approach or just desperate to try something else because what they have tried isn’t working. The most common challenge seems to be that they have tried everything known to man but not getting the results they prefer. And, their commitment to greater success, they’ll engage me. 

I usually work with people on a weekly half hour basis because we are trying to identify and clear layers of subconscious thoughts, patterns, beliefs and emotions that may be holding them back. It could ancestral programming or karma, for example, and we can clear it as soon as we identify the contributing situation. Each week we clear another layer of the past allowing them to succeed with more ease, gain more confidence, make more money and have better relationships, health and wellbeing. 

While working with someone, we address issues from life that emerge. Someone may be moving, and need to clear their current home, prepare it for sale and require help evaluating the next property they seek and clearing that to make sure the energies are optimized for the best results. 

A sales transaction may be significant and extra help is put into clearing any karma between parties, clearing blocks to the sales going through, issues with budget or distractions that are holding up the sale.

Someone might be getting married or being invited to a wedding so we clear the events, as well as all people involved to improve the experiences. For example, what if not everyone in the family gets along? We can clear that history. 

We have restored relationships and some who have been estranged for a long time. 

If someone had a fight or a falling out, we may be smoothing the cause and effect. 

Another possibility is if the client or one of their children is going for a job interview, we will clear the job interview for them in advance. 

If money is a concern, we may need to clear their past-life history or their ancestral history of a variety of subjects that may still be hindering them.  

What I often address is everything that is occurring in life or a specific subject someone wants me to address but I don’t say my specialty is clearing illness although I can help with the healing by releasing emotional and karmic issues that are either contributing to it or coming from it. 

All spiritual healers have their specialities. If I had to name a few of mine it would be having the ability to clear darkness, past lives of persecution and the separation from God that may be sabotaging results. You don’t need self identify with any of those issues, but they are what stand out more unique in my practice of helping people all these years. And, one of the fun options is clearing someone’s birth, which often as been a birthday gift from clients to their friends and family. My regular services have been gifted often to others. 

And, my gift to the world has been as a global healer helping clear the cause and effect of darkness undermining humanity. Some of my clients have been very generous to support that effort, which offsets some of the enormous investment of time and energy to accomplish. They often donate through my Paypal account on my contact page here.

So, if intrigued and want to know more and how this might apply to you and your needs, I begin with a no-obligation call to discover your needs, how my gifts might apply and then we decide together if we are a fit. If you’d like to set that up, you can go to my contact page and send me an email and describe your issue(s) and we can go from there. I usually do my client calls on Tuesdays and Thursday and these types of calls on Mondays and Wednesdays. 

In the interim, I also put out a weekly newsletter and have an array of free spiritual information you can receive from www.GiftsfromJoy.com. Also, don’t hesitate to connect with my on social media and I have a group on Facebook called, Help from Heaven to educate and serve there. And, if you want to experience a taste or have budget concerns, we have a monthly group healing call, which you can read more about on our events page.

I also love doing podcast interviews, you can read them under media. And, I am also available to speak so please send me those inquiries also through the contact page

Feel free to read more of the list of services as they are explained under the service tab, but I hope this additional explanation helps. If we have the opportunity to connect and/or work together, I look forward to the opportunity. And, shoot me an email if have any specific questions. I’m here to help and serve. Blessings!