“Dr. Joy Pedersen is the rare spiritual teacher that can make the connections between ancient scripture and our modern day spiritual awakening. She is a powerful force for good and is not afraid to face and clear the darker energies affecting people in our dimension. I and my Sacred Stories listeners thoroughly appreciated having Dr. Joy on our show and the wisdom she shared. If you have the great opportunity to work with Dr. Joy, I wouldn’t hesitate.”

—Rev. Patricia Brooks – Sacred Stories


“Thanks, Joy. You are definitely making my life easier.”

—Alyce M. Hackett


“I really enjoyed our session. The appointments have already started flowing in today. Four new patients scheduled within two hours. I feel freer.
Thanks again,”



Thank you for your healing work. It was phenomenal! You are certainly on the right path. What a gift! I will highly recommend you to my friends. You’re good at what you do!

—Debbie Cocchio


The results from our last session are absolutely miraculous. I am feeling 85% better overall since we started working together last week. I have had those negative feelings my whole life and now I don’t have them any longer. I noticed a difference as soon as I hung up from you. My son could see marked improvement. It really works. I would like to tell others to do this.

— 60 year-old businessman


Joy is not only a trusted friend but also a gifted receiver and transmitter of spiritual wisdom and healing. Her energy and divine messages helped me release some nearly paralyzing fear only a few hours before I was to facilitate a workshop. I was transformed in minutes and the workshop went smoothly. I am grateful.

— Dr. Catherine P. Perry


The thoughts and feelings you said while elaborating on my past lives are exactly the same that I have felt my whole life. Amazing.

— P.S.


Joy’s personal approach in our consultation to really listening as to get to root of the issues we are working on and seeing those issues resolved in a favorable way really make it a pleasure to work with her!

— Minister


The issues I have had with mother my whole life seemed to lifted in our one session together. What a difference. — Natalie 


I feel so much better now that has been cleared up.

— R.N.


The color in my face returned and I am now breathing better.

— C.V.


Thanks, again, for the clearing last night. I feel better today and think it will keep improving. When you mentioned the cause of my scenario, I got chills and it made perfect sense.

— M.F. 


Dr. Joy Pedersen gave me a reading, channeling, clearing recently. It was the first time I’ve had this done and I found it very enlightening. We were on Skype for approximately 45 minutes when we signed off. I asked that I be given time to digest everything and we could talk again at a later date. I made lunch and as I was about to take a bite I stopped mid bite, frozen in time, while I watched people from my memory floating out of me and disappear into thin air. Wow, what an experience! It was absolutely magical. There are lifetimes to clear and if this is the solution I cannot wait to meet with Dr. Pedersen again.

— Penelope Rion


I had so many feelings come up during our consultation as you hit home on some things you pointed out and was grateful to have them released before we got off the phone.

— Fran S.


My boyfriend and I broke up weeks ago and after our clearing, I felt freer. The next day I felt more clear and energetic. The headache I had for the three days before our session was gone by the time our session was over. Thank you

— Alena Rose


Your session helped my younger daughter a lot. thank you 🙂

— Alison


I woke up happy and relaxed for the first time in months.

— M.J.


Everything you said was correct.

— L.M.


You have a very special, powerful gift.

— Elizabeth M.


I met Joy very briefly at a workshop we were both attending. When, I later discovered that she channeled St. Michael the Archangel I was intrigued. It took me a while to find her, but I am so glad I did. She has a unique gift for clearing energy and karma, which is exactly what I needed.

I had been working with her for several months and was beginning to feel impatient because I was not seeing results fast enough. Although I was feeling more positive about my life there seemed to be little apparent change in my outside world. However, I found myself responding very differently to situations that would normally send me reeling, and these subtle, positive changes kept me coming. When I shared my frustration with Joy, she assured me that changes were happening within, and that old souls like me can be pretty entangled. That pretty much described my life so I kept at it.

At one point along the way I developed a confounding, excruciating rash at the base of my cranium and down my spine. It was itchy, painful, and I went to three doctors for relief to no avail. After three months of this I was beginning to think I was doomed to a life of eczema, or some such heinous condition when I brought the problem to Joy. Within a few days the rash began to disappear. It was nothing short of a miracle.

If you are stuck in your life and making little or no progress in your business, relationships, health or money issues, despite your efforts, I highly recommend you contact Joy. I had attended many programs both online and in person, for both business and my own personal development but was still not making the progress that I desired. I have come to realize that I had much to clear and release and working with Joy is enabling me to do that in a deep and lasting way.

Try this for yourself. Joy is an experienced practitioner and her compassion and straightforwardness, when combined with this amazing gift of hers, and St. Michael by her side, promises to help anyone turn their life around. I am truly grateful to have found her.

— Michele


You shared so much amazing information. You weren’t kidding that you work fast. I loved it. You did not waste any time at all.

— Pat T.


Joy, When we are on a phone reading, after the first breath you take, I feel as if I am physically floating in a cushioned bubble between dimensions. I feel completely safe and vibrating out of our time stream as you are fixing things on a soul level…not just for this incarnation, but for all of them! What an amazing gift! ??

— Barbara


I’ve been a steady client of Joy’s for over two years. Joy has been instrumental in helping me clear blocks within my own business. Her professional background, blended with her spiritual abilities, makes her unique in the services she offers. She will not overstep one’s own comfort level in dealing with the spiritual realm, yet doors start opening that were closed to you before. Her work is quite amazing.

Jo-Ann Scotto, Life Coach/Astrologer

– Doorway to the Future


Every time my business slows down, I call Joy for a clearing. She identifies things contributing to the situation that I would have never known on my own. She clears them and then business picks up again.”

Linda Cutrupi, Owner, Mainly Meetings Travel


I wasn’t raised with a religion or connection to God. However, there was a trust factor with Joy when I met her and was intrigued by her offerings. Her intuitive gifts provided insights to business dealings that consciously wouldn’t be known. Her ability to clear some of those hidden challenges were amazing. She can affect change in business that I wouldn’t have imagined possible. And, during some of our sessions, I received messages directly from God.

Alan M. Kahn, Principle, Alan M. Kahn Consulting


During one of my private sessions with Joy, I was able to clear blockages in past lives with family members and the personal situations I was addressing effortlessly improved.

Jennifer Goodwin, SEO Expert, internetGIRLfriday.com


The Angels at Sea cruise was fun, inspirational and healing and I’m already looking forward to the next one! The group healing done onboard was extraordinary and life changing for all. The cruise also led to new friendships and new business opportunities, which I am continuing to enjoy.

Sande Foster, Author/Speaker, Life Strategies


During our regular work together, Joy has been able to clear past lives that were holding me back in business and in one of our sessions, the soul of my business emerged and I was able to receive additional guidance useful to my success because of it.

Meira Findel, Accountant, One-Step Accounting


“I have had a personal monthly call with Joy for over 6 months and am always left uplifted and at peace. She has a very special gift and anyone who gets to experience it will be glad they did!”

Anne Niosi from Niosi Enterprises


“I have had one on one sessions with Joy, but recently participated in the January group call.. WOW! After every session I’ve had with Joy, my life has changed for the better but specifically with this group call, I found my dream apartment, healed, grew, noticed a huge shift in myself, my energy and confidence, let go of anxiety I’ve held on to for YEARS, noticed all (yes all) of my relationships are better, AND started a new job! I am living proof of how clearing calls and sessions can change your whole life! I HIGHLY recommend Joy’s upcoming February call; it’s an affordable, easy way to kick start positive change into your life. I will be on it and can’t wait. I love you, Joy!! ♥️♥️”

Brianna Burton


“Dr. Joy Pedersen has helped me to understand and process many old issues as well as feelings. This has been absolutely transformational for me! Through the removal of blocks, I experienced a beautiful shift in my energy. Dr. Joy also worked with me to release old contracts, old themes, and old beliefs, making space for the new. This experience has left me feeling freer, lighter, and uplifted. Thanks to this work, I am also happier, peaceful and centered!”

Dr. Barbara Tucciarone

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