Heaven doesn’t have the same restrictions of time and space we experience here on Earth so you can connect and communicate with anyone who exists there.

Knowing of a history teacher’s interest in Henry VIII I invited Henry VIII to provide a present-day commentary as a gift to her for her birthday. I decided to prepare some questions to ask and then called him in and received the following message on August 8, 2012:


What lessons did you learn from your life?

What karma have you suffered because of your choices?

What do you regret most?

Are you still living in another dimension? in Heaven?

What would you have done differently if you had a chance to do it all over again?



I have longed to set the record straight. Needless times I have tried. I wanted people to know in my heart of hearts I wasn’t as bad as perceived. Yes, I did terrible, terrible things. I have done countless terrible deeds. Deeds that I have long regretted and many yet to pay for. I have yet to redeem myself for cutting off the heads of my friends and family. That I will regret for an eternity. That is something I cannot go back and fix. I can’t change the past, but would like to relinquish my soul to be saved for the future. I have many regrets. Needless deeds done out of fear, arrogance and ignorance.

I was manipulated by many — many more than you will ever know. You think I of might being leader of the land would have known everything and had all the information necessary to make proper decisions. This is not so. You have countless people from whom you rely to convey the information necessary to you and your kingdom.

This is not an easy task — ruling the world; ruling a kingdom. You think it glamorous. It is not. It is hard work and endless work. I am not speaking just of me here. I am speaking about your leaders of today — all who struggle with their positions trying to do the right thing for themselves as well as for others.

They struggle day in and day out worrying about the decisions they make. Is it going to work out in the end? Are they the best decisions overall? Can there be another way? What are the options? Do I know all the facts? Am I seeing them clearly? Who is telling me the truth and who is not? That is always in question.

You see, we all have our motives for the decisions we make and the actions we take. We have much to consider including the motivations of others who convey information to us to make those valued decisions — those life-changing decisions.

It isn’t for us to just know the information conveyed, it is for us to know the hearts and minds of the messengers. Those messengers can be pure or not. Don’t shoot the messenger isn’t as cut and dry as would seem. In days gone by, it wasn’t unusual to have one’s messages intercepted and the messenger wasn’t always pure at heart. Manipulation of mankind has been rampant for centuries.

It isn’t something that goes unnoticed for long. Once a deed is done, it unravels if not of the highest caliber of decision. You see it quicker than you would realize. The truth unfolds rather rapidly after the situation is set in motion.

Many hearts have been broken, many heads have rolled because of that manipulation. I, too, am guilty of that fact. More times than not, I have manipulated man for my own shallow purposes. I was full of myself and thought I knew better than most. Of course, I had the power — more than most. I had the arrogance — more than most. I did not have ultimate power and say, however.

I have since learned a great lesson of light. That God has the power and the might. He, as He sits in His throne, looks down on man and His troubles. His heart reaches out and tries to comfort them. They do not realize His reach. They do not realize His touch. We have ignored the power of God, the grace of God for so long, we have trouble to recognize when it sits before us.

I took matters into my own hands. I wanted things my way and thought I had power over God. I was king of the land, as you know! I thought I knew better. I thought I had better control. I thought I could get away with something beyond measure.

God, on the other hand, sat back and watched as I stumbled and fell. He picked me up in the end and forgave me, but I still have trouble forgiving myself. I have caused much harm and for that I regret. I have been forgiven, for which I am grateful. But, how can that be?

The struggles I endured were nothing in comparison to the struggles I caused others. I caused great pain in the world. I caused enormous suffering among my peoples. They did not deserve the tyranny of my hand. My power beseeched great suffering because I thought I knew better and it really didn’t matter to me at the time. People were dispensable. They were replaceable. They did not live if they did not serve me and my needs. On the whole, everyone was a victim of my whims at the time.

Yes, there are times I took great council and researched and studied and weighed options for the betterment of my kingdom. But, that doesn’t excuse the end result — the harm that came to many.

What I say to you today is this — my regrets and sorrows for what I have done to cause harm to others are immeasurable. I know that I have done some good in the world as well but it still breaks my heart that I have caused harm to others to cause that end.

Those that sit in office, run countries, states and provinces, don’t realize the great karma that comes from their actions. The thoughts they think permeate mankind in ways they can’t even fathom until on the other side. Here in Heaven, we have a whole different vantage point. We see things as they are not as we perceive them to be.

We see the truth as it lies and affects all mankind as well as the ethers. We see it all — the good, the bad and the ugly.

I say this to you, every man that lives today in this kingdom of yours, beseech the truth of your actions before you take them. Listen to your heart and ask God for guidance. No man knows as much as God knows. No man can guide you as God can guide you. Why listen to others, when you can listen to the Source.

Don’t make the mistakes I made listening to my ego. Follow your heart. Follow the heart of God. For God always has your best interest in mind. He knows your heart. He knows your mind. He knows His kingdom. He knows your place in it. Why not take your place in the kingdom of God. He welcomes you home. Always!


The photo insert here was as close as I could find as he appeared to me. When on the “other side” people often appear younger than when they died.

Following this channeling, he asked for me to do a clearing for him which included the karma for his life, his ancestry, victims, England, the church and anything else he affected. It was both an exhaustive as well as an exhausting session.

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