During a session with a client on Friday, June 2, 2017, I had to clear a past-life of a beheading. St. Paul appeared in the session. It turned out to be his lifetime we were guided to clear. He has come up for this client before but apparently it was now time to complete clearing for him. He wanted the opportunity to clear between him and all he had ever harmed. We included the concept of the ‘sins of the father upon the children’ as well. We cleared all guilt, shame and regret carried regarding the lifetime as Saul of Tarsus and later when his name changed to Paul.

He said that within his heart of hearts he always wanted to serve God and when thinking he was doing the right thing, many people got hurt because there were misrepresentations about what was right when serving God.

In this lifetime, this individual is not following her calling out of fear of harming people because of making a mistake when not realize she might be following the wrong guidance. We cleared all mistakes and any misguidance of others.

We have all harmed others because we didn’t know better. We sometimes learn the error in that karmic lesson associated with the original event and then know better.

The fear of making mistake has been holding her back from knowing of and following her current calling this lifetime. That fear has been keeping her stuck.

One of the things that prompted the clearing was fear that was surfacing after signing up for a weekend program. When I tuned into the location, the karmic connection, with the phrase, “the cross that you bear”.

What came through in this session was that they no longer had to suffer from that dynamic.

Paul came through and stood in the office I was doing the clearing in. He added to the array of issues I channeled to include, “Let go of violence and that violence is a solution and the belief system that violence is a solution. The patriarchal society created the concept that violence was a solution. We don’t want to perpetuate that.” It then prompted me to make sure I would include that and its connections and affects in the monthly group clearing call I was doing this Saturday.

During our phone session, Paul began to share the following message audibly through me. There is a snippet of audio of my conversation with my client during the session with the message from Paul following it.

I have waited a long time to let this go. This burden I have carried to this day. It is at this day that I am able to let this go thanks to you both. It has worn on my soul for what seems to be an eternity. The guilt, shame and regret you mentioned weighed on my heart and soul more than you realize. I thank you both for setting me free of this dynamic. I have hurt so many unknowingly and feel so foolish; lives wasted for an ideal. An idea that was only perpetuated by what we since have learned from a connection to darkness.

There has been much darkness perpetuated through religion. You have no idea. We started the Christian Church based on much darkness not realizing the implications, the ramifications, the far-reaching affects that some choices made, and what darkness was able to implement through us, often well-meaning individuals, who had nothing but desire to do the right thing in service to God, a cause, an ideal. Many of those ideals were tainted by darkness and we were all victimized and we all chose to serve it by our ignorance. Once you become savvy to the real truths, you then feel guilty, foolish, remorseful, and carry a great a burden of that realization, which is part of the challenge that people are having at this point. The more they are recognizing their own responsibility in world events and the nature of things, they are also feeling very guilty. For there is not one individual on this planet who is not guilty for something. And, all of it ends up coloring how the world ends up appearing to all. I thank you for this work today. I thank you for this call tomorrow. It makes a bigger difference than you realize. I love you both. Thank you for setting us all free.

The following message came through automatic writing when Paul stood next to me in my office when I returned to my computer following the above session.

You honor me with this work and the opportunity to clear this with you this day. I have carried enormous guilt from that lifetime and it has caused me much worry and concern. It has not only caused her [client] harm and has held her back from doing what she came here to do, but that lifetime has caused many issues to this day not realized.

We were taught many misconceptions throughout history regarding what or who God is. We didn’t know much of what we shared with others because we were learning ourselves. We preached many things and had no real idea of which we spoke. I killed people in the name of religion although thought I was doing right by God. I had God on my mind all the time but if truth be told often took out my aggressions on others with the excuse of God.

God is good and loving and does not inflict pain and anguish like I did in the name of religion. Religion has it all wrong. If it is not of love, it is not of God. Their rules are not necessarily God’s rules. I was a big proponent of Jewish law as well as perpetuated much undoing because of what I thought was appropriate by man’s ideas rather than what was actually ‘of God’. Religions to this day perpetuate influences of darkness run rampant through it because of ignorance, if not blatant malice.

No one should harm another due to a cause. God does not harm people to make a point. People harm themselves and others due to ideas not of God.

I will leave you with this: Many people adhere to doctrine that is not of the God of which I have come to know. We have all been maligned by the influence of darkness and that era is coming to an end. This new golden age that awaits is most glorious. Clearing these issues will set you all free. Let go of the misperceptions of God. What is mistaken for what God wants is killing people unnecessarily; harming them in ways unforeseen and setting back humanity in ways they do not realize.

God does not kill to bring them to Heaven, to save their soul, or to make a point.

All people on this Earth are God’s children. No religion is better than another unless the religion teaches love of all, peace for all, and abundance for all. All are one in God and no one is better than another regardless of religious affiliation.

It is time all come together in peace and the love – the true love – that is within everyone’s heart at essence. For, no one is better than another. Until people realize this, they will continue to suffer. Hasn’t everyone suffered enough? Isn’t it time to return to love and be at peace? Isn’t it time?

I love you all. And, I am sorry from the bottom of my heart how I may have perpetuated your pain and suffering because of my own ignorance of this fact. Love and peace are the only answers. Please find it in your heart to forgive me this error as well as forgive yourselves for perpetuating anything less than love and peace.

Please join me now in that oneness with God and join us in love and peace. The sooner you do, the less suffering for anyone as all are one and one for all.

His message was heartfelt and I could definitely feel the emotion behind it. It is a great gift and pleasure that I am able to share his message with you. Hopefully, it will also set you free. 

For those of you curious as to the call he referred to, it is always held the first Saturday of every month. If you are interested in learning more about the call and clearing some of these dynamics and others, here is the link to tomorrow’s call: http://clearyourpastandchangeyourfuture060317.eventbrite.com

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