When we are stuffing our feelings, we are losing out on an opportunity to clear the cause of the feelings occurring. If we use that opportunity to look within and discover and release the cause of the feelings, we can move on in freedom. When we stuff our feelings, we suppress in our memory bank and computer (our subconscious) those feelings as well as the cause of them. They are readily dormant for the next time something will trigger their existence.

If the time is spent clearing those emotions and circumstances so there is freedom from the situation, freedom will continue to permeate. No longer will that emotion be triggered due to that particular type of circumstance unless there are other memories underneath that recent experience that also need to be cleared.

Using those emotional occasions to recognize there are more memories being triggered that need to be cleared, is an active tool to use to heal oneself of the past. Once all contributing memories are cleared and released, we won’t have those triggers to our emotions and will experience more peace even during periods experiences that prior to clearing would cause an emotional expression.

Stuffing our feelings, however, keeps the memories as well as the emotions alive to continue to wreak havoc on our enjoyment of our lives.

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Joy S. Pedersen, Founder of Express Success LLC, is an intuitive Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, non-denominational ordained minister, and Doctor of Divinity. A noted business consultant and networker with a celebrated international clientele with whom she works remotely by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Archangel Michael asked her to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and join him in a healing practice. Their global healing work to set humanity free is featured in the international best-seller "Clear Your Past and Change Your Future".

She works closely with individuals and businesses of all sizes to identify and clear their hidden challenges with money, relationships, career, business, health and well being. Her work includes removing negative memories, emotions, beliefs, past lives, property, travel, darkness, curses, and karma.

For a free report to enhance your life and help you soar and succeed with more ease, go here.

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