Creating a Cosmic Network

By Dr. Joy S. Pedersen

Reaching out to people seemed a natural inclination when I moved to a new town. If I hadn’t, I wouldn’t have met anyone, gained assistance finding a job, made friends or received help with anything I desired along the way. When you are starting fresh without knowing a soul, it is easier to see the chain of events that occurred to help you reach goals and create a new life for yourself. Seeing the course of events that took place seemed a bit more evident when starting from scratch than when your every day life is filled with one step after another. When the beginning is less evident, so seems the path.

Even less evident is assistance received from “the other side”. How often do we pray for help and it comes without our recognition or understanding as to who is providing the boost from the other side? Did you ever think that when you put it out to the universe that you want to achieve a particular goal that there is someone on the other side helping to coordinate events to support you in reaching it? How do you suppose you ended up at the supermarket the day a former colleague happened to be shopping? The same colleague who just happened to be the most perfect person to help you land your next job or assignment.

When we pray for guidance or help, how do you suppose the answers come? You put out a strong intention mentally and you get what you desire. How do you suppose that came to be? Do you think it was only you who had a hand in it’s attainment? Sometimes maybe yes. Sometimes maybe not. Sometimes maybe you had legions of helpers on the other side coordinating the circumstances to assist you in the achieving the end result.

Who could be helping you from the other side? I have found them to be God, angels, and deceased family members for starters. I have also found learning to access and utilize their willingness to help extremely useful. Their existence on “the other side” allows more freedom in their ability to move and create. Their limitlessness provides access to opportunity our limited existence cannot attain on its own. When you learn to tap into their assistance, a whole new world of opportunity becomes more readily available. The ability to create what you want becomes more easier and effortless.

When I learned how to reach beyond just my earthly network to my heavenly one, life became so much more interesting and much easier. Tapping into the greater universe assisted me in everything. The guidance I received was immeasurable as they saw the bigger picture including my own quirks that were getting in my way. When I began to listen to the inspiration that could guide me to that supermarket on just the right day, life unfolded as a new adventure instead of a struggle to figure out how to achieve the next goal.

The more I learned to let go and allow the universe to help support me in my goals, the faster they were achieved. The more I learned to ask for help from the heavens, the easier life became. The more I remembered to apply these ideas to even the little things, the more efficient I became.

As an example, I was struggling with a project I was working on with the computer. It was not going well at all. It felt like an uphill battle to accomplish the task at hand. Out of my frustration, I finally figured I might as well ask for help, not really believing that any invisible force could help with this particular situation, but I was desperate. What I experienced, however, was fascinating. All of a sudden the work just began to flow. What was a frustrating and endless task became a relatively effortless endeavor that I finished in no time after my request.

I can’t tell you what was different other than the end result. I don’t know how it happened. It just became easier after I asked for the assistance, let go and kept working. Of course, at that point, I beat myself up for not asking sooner. That part I don’t recommend. But it was a lesson to me in not judging what I believe they can assist with and not try to intellectualize what, where and how and just remember to ask and let go.

Do I remember to always ask? No. Do I still rely on my earthly network? Absolutely. But what I now have is an extended team of supporters who I can rely on that I can access without the need for a rolodex or some electronic device. I don’t have to deal with voice mail, gatekeepers or timing issues. Now that’s what I call a good network connection!

Dr. Joy S. Pedersen is a Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual Coach and D.D., who channels God, angels and others through automatic writing. She is currently publishing a book received from Michael, the Archangel. She shares channeled messages regularly through

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