Private Sessions

What to expect on a private session call?

Upon getting on the phone, Dr. Joy surrenders the call to God allowing him to work through session. Keep in mind this is a non-religious approach. She works with Source to help you achieve what is highest and best during your time together.

Then she will open your chakras, clear, realign, and rebalance them. Sometimes there will be specific issues she is guided to include and at other times the work is completed without addressing anything verbally.

She clears your meridians to open passageways.

Spiritual, Mental, Physical, and Emotional Bodies

Dr. Joy will clear the above throughout all time and space.

Attachments and Cords
Then she clears the week before and releases all attachments you have to others and others have to you so you are set free of their energies or influences and also don’t experience having your energies lost to them.

Opening to Clear the Connect to Subconscious and Clear the Soul
Then she opens to whatever you want addressed. Whatever you include at the time is worked on to a degree, but she will drive more depth as directed or requested to provide and more complete release.

She can tune into your soul or anyone’s throughout all time and space. She can connect, access and see the dynamics necessary to be cleared if necessary. Often whatever needs to be cleared can also be accomplished with general clearing without the need to bring up specifics so work can be done quickly and easily. The subconscious (your inner child) has the memories necessary to include. By working with the subconscious/inner child directly, Dr. Joy can request that which needs to be released and the inner child can do the rest. Or, if necessary, she can ascertain what blocks the inner child has to releasing the energetic blocks or negative energies and memories stored in the subconscious.

She works fast and may cover numerous lifetimes and many family trees setting all free during the brief time she shares with you over the phone.

She helps set you free from all limited beliefs and programming, emotional, as well as outside energies and influences that may be inhibiting or holding you back from full self-expression, joy, peace, love, freedom, balance and abundance.

Each session is unique to the degree different topics are brought up and addressed to be released.

Property, Projects, Events, Travel, Business, Etc.
Depending on circumstances of the time, you can clear the energies of your businessproperty, projects you are working on, events you will be creating and/or attending as well as trips and travel. By clearing things in advance, you help elevate the outcomes. Every session is customized to the need of the time.

Family, Colleagues, Co-workers and Others
You can work as a conduit and clear the challenges of your spouse, children, employees and others to help achieve a better experience.

Messages from Heaven and Others
There are times when God, angels or other such as family members may come through with messages to you. They usually come specific to the subject or occasion.

As you release the negative memories, limiting beliefs, emotional baggage, etc. that is holding you back, you become more confident, self-expressed, abundant, joyful and free.

Within each session, you become more clear as you continue to let go of what no longer serves you. You become more aligned with your true nature, your calling, expressing and living the life you were meant to live on purpose.

You become more genuinely self expressed experiencing more effortless success.

The more you clear and let go, the more you get in touch with the divine and live an divinely inspired life in flow.

To schedule time for a complementary no-obligation conversation to determine if there is a mutual fit and, if so, what would be the best option for your situation, call 800-801-7597 or email here with the subject line “No-obligation Introductory Call”.

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