The World Needs You!

Have you felt called, inspired or felt like you wanted to make a difference in the world? The world needs you now more than ever. Are you ready to step up and do all that you can to serve, be of value and make the difference you were likely born to make?

God created you for a reason. It’s not about doing something your soul doesn’t already resonate with. It’s not about being magnanimous. It is about being authentic. It is time to live your authentic self, fulfilling the reason you came here. This is your shot. You were born for this. 

What I have found

There are emotions, limiting beliefs, ancestral programming and other hidden issues within the subconscious that may be blocking you. Darkness has also sabotaged all throughout their existence on the planet and caused many of your problems.

This is the most pivotal time in history

Much is coming together for humanity to evolve and ascend into Heaven on Earth, a time and place for peace, joy, love, fulfillment, freedom and abundance. Lightworkers, and others who are here to serve, have descended onto the planet this lifetime to help all evolve to this most treasured and planned for place in time.

This – considered the end of times – has been long awaited. Many are frightened of what is to come. Nothing needs to be feared. Many lightworkers unconsciously fear persecution and, therefore, are limited in their income as well as scope of service and fulfillment of their true nature and calling to serve God at the highest level.

This fear sabotages them from within. And, they have also often been unknowingly sabotaged by darkness intentionally undermining them directly, or indirectly through others, to cause them to fail, or delay in recognizing and/or fulfilling their calling.

Once the sabotage is removed and their unconscious negative memories, fears, and limiting beliefs holding them back are fully released – they will become fearless fulfilling their calling and reason for coming to Earth. Now, is the time to set all free from the shackles that have bound far too long.

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