A financial clearing is a spiritual healing of your relationship to money. It is usually done remotely unless done as part of a program offering. During a private session, Dr. Pedersen clears negative energies, memories and karma that may be affecting your experiences of money.

What are the benefits of a financial clearing?

Our clients have expressed

    • Increased savings
    • Increased sales and income
    • Less stress where money is concerned
    • Spending less
    • Business increases
    • Open communication about money
    • Improved cash flow
    • Getting more for their money
    • Receiving things for free
    • More ease asking for money

When should you clear regarding Money?

  • If you’ve never done one
  • When you struggle with money
  • When you don’t feel you have enough
  • When you spend more than you make
  • Whenever there’s a shift in financial circumstances
  • When you are going to have negotiations
  • When you are fighting about money
  • When cash flow is inconsistent
  • When you have fears relating to getting, keeping, spending or saving money
  • When you’ve suffered a financial loss or identify theft
  • When you come into unexpected money
  • When you have problems spending or parting with money
  • When you use the term “I can’t afford”

What is cleared?

Who is cleared?

How is this cleared?

How soon can I expect results?

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