We start life with our relationships to our families, then we gain friends, teachers, colleagues, bosses, dating and spousal relationships. If we are clear and in balance, we attract the right ones. By clearing with our relationships, we can improve the experience of them.

What are the benefits of a relationship clearing? 

Our clients have expressed:

  • Fewer to no arguments
  • Less angst with person
  • Attracted the right person
  • Easy separation
  • Better relationship with mother
  • Received apology
  • Able to forgive person
  • Gave up expectation
  • Got married
  • Got along better with spouse, children, boss, co-workers

When should you clear regarding relationships?

  • Want to meet someone to date
  • Haven’t been dating the right people
  • You are having a problem with someone
  • You are having difficulties at work
  • You are arguing
  • You aren’t happy in a relationship
  • You are getting married or divorced
  • You’ve ended or have contemplated ending a relationship
  • Someone died
  • Fear of losing someone
  • Fear of not finding the right person
  • Suffering or have suffered abuse

What is cleared?

The history and connections of situation as well as mindset, mental, emotional and physical situations.

Who is cleared?

Everyone involved in situation, including your and their ancestry. Much of our karma can be cleared when clearing with parents.

How is this cleared?

We set a time over the phone and when we speak, I open a spiritual channel to Divinity and the work is done between you and Divinity. I facilitate the process and help include pertinent information appropriate to the situation.

How soon can I expect results?

Some people feel a release of stress before ending the call. All results in general, however, depend on how many layers of past history and depth of negative memories and mindset exist. Fortunately, this process works faster than and is more comprehensive than therapy.

How often should relationships be cleared? 

Even the best of relationships benefit from periodic clearing so nothing accumulates including energies picked up from outside of the relationship, and emotional and verbal withholds.

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