What are the benefits of a Business Clearing?

Our clients have expressed

  • Things run more smoothly
  • Increased sales and income
  • The atmosphere feels clear and clean
  • Employees and co-workers get along better and feel better
  • The company is an enjoyable place to work
  • Customers are friendlier and happier
  • Business increased or improved
  • More customers, and referrals
  • Improved cash flow
  • Employee challenges improved
  • Firing employees easier and affected co-workers less
  • Improved staffing
  • Personal issues improved
  • More confidence and clarity

When should a business be cleared?

  • When you first open for business
  • When you remodel
  • When you add a new branch office
  • Whenever there is internal disharmony
  • Whenever there are changes in staffing or downsizing
  • Whenever you want to increase client attraction and retention
  • When customer relations are suffering
  • When cash flow is inconsistent
  • Anytime things don’t feel right
  • If there is a cemetery nearby
  • If located on property where there’s been an accident, trauma, war

What is cleared?

Clear the environment and property of negative energy, thoughts, and feelings that contribute to such experiences such as lack, confusion, chaos, fear, hopelessness, desperation, indecision, upset and depression. Devices and equipment will be cleared to release lower and negative emotions and energies held within those objects. 

“When a client hired me to clear a meeting in advance at a company, I saw that the property was built on land where the Civil War occurred and the energies still permeated the environment. All property can hold the energies of the past until released. I was shown when tuning in that the employees basically got along but didn’t see eye-to-eye because of the influence of those lingering energies. Although clearing for that particular meeting to help improve the outcome for that event, it would help the employees get along better and the company as a whole by releasing those energies of battle and discord” said Dr. Joy. 

When there is an event, all parties are cleared of their previous limiting beliefs, fears, judgments, connections and karma to optimize seeing what is with fresh eyes. These circumstances are no longer ‘colored’ by previous baggage. 

Dr. Joy commented, “When we clear in advance, we can release some of the hidden issues that can block the upcoming event advancing with ease. Most don’t understand the dynamics of past lives, but it wouldn’t be unusual for the same people to meet again. If, for example, you have someone trying to sell to someone they killed in another life or reality, the subconscious remembers it even if the person doesn’t consciously. The subconscious will try to preserve the current life remembering that past and sabotage their getting together which could end up in a no-show of someone significant or a cancellation. The other dynamic could be the previous victim doesn’t like the sales person for some unknown reason and no matter how valuable the purchase, won’t do business with them because they don’t like or trust the person. But once cleared, they are seeing the person with fresh eyes rather than from the past memory from the subconscious.”

Clearing Property:

Clear the energy and memory of the property to the center of the earth including all inhabitants and everything and everyone that has been on and crossed through the land since the beginning of time.

Clear the energy and the memory of the structure since it’s inception including all the materials used in the creation of the building and the connections to the tools, supplies and suppliers, architects, contractors, builders, and all those known and unknown involved in any aspect of the building and building materials used in the structure.

Who is cleared?

Owners, corporate structure, staff. If a small business, the owner may have a clearing to release unconscious issues within them that is affecting the outcome of the business. By the owner clearing, many of the issues with staff may also be cleared.

“The growth of a business is often dependent on the clarity within the soul of those running the operation. That is why working with the business owner is key in the success of their business. We clear whatever is hidden within that could hinder their success,” elaborates Dr. Joy.



I prayed to God MANY times a day for help in my personal as well as business life.
I felt stuck in quicksand and couldn’t get out. I knew I needed help in ways I could not fathom.
I called Joy for an appointment and it has been an incredible journey ever since!
Since working with Joy, I have found an inner peace that I have NEVER felt before. Every part of my life improved, financial, health, spiritual growth as well as the techniques to release fear instead of wallow in it.
I FEEL different. I know that ALL is WELL. I believe with all of me that God is taking care of me. He connected me to Joy to answer my prayers. I can see changes in my life and business that I could have only dreamed of happening. I am truly grateful and blessed. I know God will always be there for me and it is up to me to understand his guidance and act upon it for my highest good.
— Rose Mock

President, Allied Scrap Processors, Inc.

Business Spiritual Healing Specialist of the Year 2023 (USA): Joy Pedersen

For further information Email: info@expresssuccess.net regarding your project and to set a time to speak with Dr. Pedersen directly to discuss.

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