Have you ever answered the phone and not known who is on the other end of the line until you pick up the phone? Do you also not really know who they are until you get to know them better, experience them, their energy, hear the words they speak, etc.? Well channeling is not much different. It is without a device such as a telephone, but the end result is basically the same.


Channeling is a form of communication between humans and other beings that happens often telepathically [communication of thoughts or ideas by means other than the known senses]. The beings could be angels, nature spirits, spirits of departed loved-ones, those you have a connection with in past lives, extraterrestrial entities, animals or demons. As all has infinite intelligence within, you can pretty much channel anything or anyone from anywhere if you are open to it. I can channel both God as well as demons and have. There are plenty of messages from God here within the blog. But, you can also read a report I have a channeled message from a demon who spoke of how they work and undermine people which is useful to understand. If you want to read that, you can access by going to www.GiftsfromJoy.com.


Someone, who is open and available to channel, can choose who or what they want to channel. If the other party has an interest in communicating, the link is made and the channeling can begin.


Someone who wishes to communicate information, will often look to those who are open and able to channel to connect with and work through. Therefore, their first knowing of being able to channel may happen after this being comes through them for the first time.


There are different ways of channeling. I learned to channel after watching a television show in 1994. A featured guest spoke of automatic writing. This is a form of channeling where the information comes through the individual  to be written onto paper or typed on the computer. Upon experimenting with the instruction of that guest, I hand wrote 18 pages of information. It just flowed through and I could feel the energy of when it started and when it was complete. It was distinctly different than anything I had ever felt or thought at the time.


In order to channel, the person usually doesn’t have to go into a deep trance state, or surrender their body and/or mind to the being. There are channelers or mediums who have done that and allow their bodies to be taken over by stepping aside. I don’t do that although Archangel Michael has come into my body more intently at times, as well as has spoken through me. I have often just spoken the words audibly that I receive but so far am much more comfortable with writing their information. Jesus commented once that automatic writing is the easiest form of channeling for most to engage with to receive messages. 


If someone becomes open to channeling, they can open up to it, set their intention to reach the being they would most wish to connect with at the time. Raising their vibration makes a difference as well as allowing the consciousness to go deeper for more clarity is helpful.


The channelers who steps aside or leaves their body and allow other beings to come through and use their body are more rare. They make room for the other energy to enter and use the body for a specific period of time. This shift of energy can take seconds or minutes. There are those who can see auras and can see the change in the aura of the individual who is channeling in this manner.


Some people fear channeling because they don’t understand the process, or they think that a negative or dark entity can come in. That is a possibility, especially when someone first opens themselves to this experience. Unless they vibrate high enough, have protection, and are careful, anyone can communicate. It’s likes opening up the old party line when telephones existed in the earlier days.


But the channeler always has the choice of who or what they want to channel. The channeler can insist on knowing the name and origins of any entity who wants to communicate with them. 


Experienced channelers understand that just because an entity wants to communicate doesn’t mean the entity is necessarily enlightened or has the highest and best information. The channeler should discern for themselves the level of enlightenment of the entity, and the value of their information. Some entities just like to chat, others can have an agenda. But many are of the Light, and also have a desire to provide enlightened guidance and counsel. The most significant piece to it all is where the channeler vibrates. The higher they vibrate, the better the information. 


Recommendation: Clear your energy before wanting to get important information. Doing deep cleansing breaths before beginning is useful to get out of the ego. Let go of resistance to knowing the truth. You can ask that your channeling is only of the purest and highest light and most accurate information. 


Disclaimer: Your vibration, filters, and the willingness and readiness to know the truth, will dictate the clarity and accuracy of the information. Remember that those of another dimension may still be sharing from their perspective. There may be absolute truth and then there is the truth as one sees it. That applies to those you channel as well. You will receive and interpret information through your filters as well. 


When I often channel information that is historical or significant in some way, I will ask for confirmation from others. This includes colleagues, who can also ask their team of heavenly advisors. I sometimes ask God even if Archangel Michael says something and would prefer to get God’s opinion. Until you build trust in those you channel, become familiar with their energies, habits, personalities and methods of sharing information, you may wish to be cautious until confident.


 A universal law is that if you ask the individual specifically, “Are you Archangel Michael” for example, they will have to tell you the truth. As an aside, there were four fallen angels who over the years posed as Archangel Michael communicating messages people thought to be from him. Remember, it is not unusual that dark masks itself as light. If darkness wants to manipulate you, this is an easy method to use. That is why becoming discerning is paramount.


The effectiveness and accuracy of the information and channel depends on their ego, filters, how high they vibrate, their specific role in life, and whether or not they have mastered discernment.


I find that they sometimes address me in certain ways. I feel their energy or I just sense they are here. Sometimes I see their appearance in my mind’s eye. With Michael I can feel like a furnace when he’s trying to get my attention to speak with me. I also call upon whomever I wish to speak with and they usually come within moments. You would have to find the method and nuances that works for you.


Keep in mind, that if you want to connect with to channel a deceased relative, for example, that they may not be able to come as easily or as quickly as angels and ascended masters. They may not be as easily accessible to some and to others more easily accessible than the angels.


For example, Jesus once came when I reached out to my deceased father on Father’s Day and he said he was busy working but would relay a message. Another example would be, someone could only channel information from the angels but couldn’t reach the archangels. Some could reach Archangel Michael but not get the information someone else who could vibrate higher would receive. Sometimes your energy would have to be realigned to connect with certain beings whereas others would be effortless.


During my healing sessions, God, angels, deceased relatives, souls of living beings, past life self and relatives as well as ascended masters may come through but it is when it is purposeful for the content of the session. Since my focus is on healing the past to change the future, I don’t work as a medium in general although some of my regular clients make special requests on birthdays and anniversaries and sometimes the person they would like to reach accommodates.


There is a whole section on channeling within the blog containing messages from God, Jesus, Archangel Michael, other angels and ascended masters as well as some deceased people of note.














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