Are you living on purpose with ease?

Life isn’t always easy, especially when there are so many mysteries. Challenges occur from within and from without. How do you release their hidden causes without knowing what is behind them? 

Can you receive direct guidance from God or your guides to know what is for your highest and best good to live life with more ease? 


Would you like to have more joy, love, and abundance?

 What would life be like if…

  • you could see the world with fresh eyes?
  • if you confidently always knew your perfect and right next steps for your highest and best good?
  • if you had money and opportunity flow with ease?
  • if you fulfilled your purpose?
  • if you had no anger, resentment, fear, limited belief, or negative emotion? 
  • if there was no inner or outer sabotage?
  • if you were in your full power and felt fully self-expressed? 

Experiences of the past often become the framework for the future. 

When we carry our past beliefs and emotions with us, our outcomes are limited by those filters.

How could life be different?

What could life be like if you lived in flow, experienced joy, love, peace, balance, freedom, and abundance with ease as a way of being?  

On the first Saturday of the month, we will help set you free. We will be supporting you in clearing your energy and attachments, raising your vibration, ascending, and gaining more clarity to soar with Source with more ease.

Live on purpose with greater clarity and ease. 

Become a member of our Sacred Circle. Enjoy being part of a spiritual community that wants to co-create more, better, or different in alignment with the highest light. Grow and ascend with others of like mind. Be supported by God and the gang (the archangels, angels, ascended masters, and others) who join in on these calls.

“At least I have you to count on each month so I can work on my personal issues.”

“I especially love the teachings from God!” 

“After three of these calls, I tripled my income.”

Join now and stay as long as you like. You can cancel at any time if you like.

“Every month, I look forward to these calls. They are so comprehensive it is mind-boggling. I don’t know how you can clear it all. I am grateful that God has chosen you to do this work. You have helped me both personally and professionally. I am amazed at the differences in my life because of this. I thank God and you for your help.”

“I had money issues when I started these calls and thought they were expensive. Now, I think they are unbelievably inexpensive for what you give and I have received.”

If enrolled and cannot make a call, you will receive the healing in absentee, and you will also receive the audio replay and the teaching from God typed out in an email. 

“I have been a part of Joy’s Sacred Circle as one of the founding members since its inception and have worked with Joy on our monthly clearing calls and individually. I am so very grateful for Joy in my life. She is certainly a gift from God and has the ability to clearly see what is happening for each individual and can remove blocks, dark contracts, and various challenges. She has really helped me remove important blocks in my own life and achieve 5D. This past month, Joy instructed us to walk through God’s Golden Door to experience heaven on earth. I walked through the door that day and have seen miracle after miracle show up ever since and experiencing a life with ease. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Joy, I love you dearly. I feel such love and gratitude for Joy, God the Father, Jesus, Michael, and the entire heavenly team.”

~ Melissa NYC

Following the call, there will be a Q&A. 

Remember, this is a time of significant change. We are supporting you through it with these calls so you can clear the past and change the future to experience what will be possible in the new world that is emerging with more ease. 


    • Clear and improve all energy centers
    • Cut all attachments
    • Release personal, family issues and ancestral karma
    • Cover numerous timely and significant topics
    • Release money, relationship, career, health issues, negative emotions, limited beliefs, etc.
    • Current teaching from God, which is emailed
    • Q&A
    • Replay of healing and God’s teaching without Q&A for those who can’t attend

    The investment is $88 is a substantial savings from working privately. However, if you want personal attention, you will receive private single sessions at a $50 discount with a Sacred Circle membership. Those allow us to dive deeply into specific areas where you may feel stuck. We can then look into past lives where the challenges you are experiencing may have begun so we can clear those incidents.

    We get on at 11:00 EST to chat, begin the formal healing at 11:11, and clear everything pertinent to you and the particular topic. Everything is customized, including current divine teaching serving the member’s highest needs. The clearing, healing, and training will go approximately an hour, followed by Q&A and conversation.

    Feel more relaxed and lighter by the time you get off the phone.

    Your energy will be more clear, and you will be releasing more than you can imagine.

    All is brought into divine alignment in divine timing for your highest and best good and the highest and best of all.

    I hope you will join us for this unique opportunity so God can work through me
    to help you more personally and comprehensively

    With love,


    PS: Confirmation and Zoom or dial-in information will come in a separate email, and access to our private Facebook group.

    I look forward to serving you in a new, enhanced way on the following first Saturday of the month!

     Support * Clarity * Community * Understanding * Releasing * Upliftment * Enlightenment * Ascension

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