Express Success was founded in 1981 in Los Angeles by Joy Pedersen when she worked at Paramount Pictures in Hollywood, California after noticing people struggle to achieve their desired success. She began to offer seminars, workshops, and consultations, helping the entertainment community achieve success quicker and easier using the principles of the Law of Attraction. 

Upon realizing everyone had more effortless success in manifesting in some areas versus another, she realized there must be internal blocks causing inconsistent results. She, therefore, looked for a solution. She discovered spiritual healing and an understanding of the inner family. The subconscious held all memory from the beginning of time and created the programming that demonstrated people’s results. Upon learning and applying the spiritual healing techniques she was taught, she was able to release those blocks for both herself and others. Therefore, all began to achieve more effortless results. 

Pedersen was guided to leave Hollywood and the entertainment business and returned to her home state of New Jersey. There she began to teach The Art of Networking and the Law of Attraction because networking assisted in more effortless success. It was also something she used to create her success in her career in television. 

She created the multi-chapter Express Success Network and taught The Art of Networking at The Learning Annex throughout the country and Canada.

In 2004, Archangel Michael appeared before Pedersen, asking her to join him in a spiritual healing practice. Her initial clientele became the members of her business network.  

She eventually began serving an international individual and business clientele over the telephone, Skype™, and now Zoom. She addresses and clears all aspects of life and business, including relationships, money, sales, business, travel, projects, events, meetings, interviews, property, health, and wellbeing.

Services include private and group consultations, training, free and paid teleseminars, workshops, speaking engagements, and a membership program.

Eventually, she was guided again to relocate to Lakeland, Florida, and, more recently, to Sarasota, Florida, where they are currently located. 

Express Success was selected for the 2013 New Jersey Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Trade & Commerce Institute. While in Lakeland, Express Success also received another Award for Excellence.

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