Gift Certificates


We can provide you with a gift certificate for anyone you wish to provide a gift for and customize it accordingly.

Some give gifts of an individual session or package of four to work on whatever they prefer and others give specific gifts geared to the occasion.

Some common requests are:

Birthday gifts:  a good overall clearing of someone’s birth, year, purpose, aging, or any other topic relating to a birthday or desired. Just like some do annual checkups around their birthday, it is useful to have an overall clearing. Periodic detoxing of energy is useful. You can help someone get off to an even better year by giving them a gift of a clearing.

Transition gifts:  during times of transition, people can benefit from a gift of healing. It could be someone ready to pass, someone who is making a career transition or who is trying to find their way or someone who just got divorced. Rebalancing energies, releasing stress, fears, and clearing attachments to the previous situation can make the transition easier and better.

Graduation gifts:  help someone get off to the right start by helping them clear their past, their fears, their limiting beliefs, and their future path, which may be including finding a job, which can include clearing the interview and blocks to getting a job.

Holiday and new year gifts:  clear the year before and year ahead. Let go of the traumas of the past. Also, can clear holiday stress.

New Job gifts:  when someone has landed a new job, it is nice to gift them with the opportunity to clear their job, expectations of both employer and employees, duties, working environment, co-workers to help transition to be easier, which may also include any fears, doubts and concerns to improve outcomes.

Real Estate gifts:  someone has moved into a new home and their space can be cleared of all old energies from previous inhabitants, including the building materials and builders and their building of a structure. Also, letting go of old previous properties owned and lived, let’s go of old energies so don’t bring them into a new home. Clearing with property and contents of a home is also included.

Sympathy gifts:  when someone dies, there is much grieving, and giving someone a gift of healing is helpful to recovering. It also helps the deceased as well because ties are cut for both that may hold each back.

Wedding gifts:  when someone gets married, there is an abundance of emotion, numerous activities, and people involved that can bring up enormous opportunities to clear. A couple coming together brings together their respective past and all their ancestral issues. Clearing karma between past-life relationships of couples and their family, friends, and ancestors smooths the road ahead. There are many fears and limiting beliefs that also can be addressed.

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