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There is so much that goes on behind the scenes to keep the world in balance, keep everyone safe, and to help eliminate suffering. Many and much need healing around the world but it isn’t always feasible given the demands. Sometimes clearing the darkness negatively affecting one person can put one down for several days. The toll can be great.

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  • Releasing the darkness from leaders who can negatively impact the world.
  • Realigning the energetic imbalances that are negatively impacting the whole.
  • Releasing the negative programming and negative impact of the collective.
  • Removing the negative affects the darkness has had on the planet, and all its inhabitants.
  • Helping individuals requiring healings who can’t afford them.
  • Releasing the collective of damaging and limiting constraints that impacts all.

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If you would like to see a better world, you can donate to help the healing continue to reach the masses, help yourself as well as the whole.

Video Sample of Clearing Darkness

The video below left is a sample of a global clearing on darkness that took place July 4 a couple of years ago. Several healers got together over Zoom and each one took a turn at sharing their gift or offering. This was mine, which was channeled. Usually I don’t have recordings of clearings of darkness but because of the nature of this one, I was able to have a sample.

Heaven has reported that our clearing darkness has already helped prevent World War III happening at least four times. 

Spiritual Warfare 

The battle between dark and light has gone on for eons. There have been mechanisms in place that undermine humanity that need removing and releasing. To give some background on the negativity affecting the planet, here are some examples:

The Illuminati blocked the codes of money on money preventing the average person benefiting. This was unblocked and the money was cleared.

Satan had curses on humanity that they wouldn’t know God, that those serving God would be sabotaged, etc. These curses were removed. We discover other curses as we are able to take the time to research. Another example was a curse on the United States that it would fail, which has also been lifted.

During the financial crises, the wheel of commerce of the United States needed to be cleared. The wheel of commerce for every individual, company, city, state and country should be cleared regularly. To benefit the whole and help prevent economic collapse or to help further improve the economy, supporting these types of clearings, helps.

During Desert Storm, daily clearing of the war occurred also requiring the healing of the battles of Alexander the Great. Until the history of battle is fully cleared and released, the memories and energies from the horrors of war will still exist undermine the areas took place. They will also negatively impact those involved and the  collective in some way.

Major portals have been opened to release Earthbound spirits remaining from the Holocaust, the World Trade Center collapse, and Indian Massacres for example. We regularly return many entities and demons back to light.

We have already returned the majority of fallen angels and elementals back to the light. There are those who are stuck within individuals that still need assistance to be released.

Central command of darkness was neutralized. The dark library was seized and those guarding the dark magic, spells, records, etc. were returned to the light. But, energies and situations such as these often need repeat visits and clearings to make sure they are completely neutralized.

 Over the years, we have been identifying the dark forces behind governments and industry to release them before they cause harm. By releasing those negative influences from undermining leaders before they work through leaders can be a time-consuming effort to restore and maintain balance.

Energy Rebalancing

One of the dynamics that needs releasing and rebalancing are the programs within the matrix and the negative energies from those imbalances created by them. Hours are often necessary to delve into the nuances to rebalance the negative energies that are diminishing the whole.

During these end of times, the negative memories and energies being triggered amongst the population is leaving a wake negatively affecting the all.

Global Healing

What’s goes into global healing? It is a concept that needs elaboration because the dynamics are out of most people’s scope of understanding. In addressing the origins of problems, we go back to the hidden areas of life invisible to the naked eye. There are imbalances that have been created eons ago that continue to wreak havoc on the globe and the collective regardless of timeframe of the origins.

Take war for example. When a war occurs, the bloodshed, memories and sounds of war and those energies still impact the land. In a spiritual healing session of a company once, it was discovered that the land had to be cleared of the energetic remains of the Civil War. This particular case was discovered during a client session.The negative affects to the land as well as the corporation because of this history was cleared during that session.


In this case, the employees never saw eye to eye because of those energies.

Clearings of this nature don’t always just take one time, however.

Another case study was due to threats to a country’s people by their own head of state. In looking at that leader, it was discovered that he had seven contracts made with darkness, approximately 50 demons possessing him and other anomalies that needed to be removed. That effort not only took the time and attention of the healing itself, but the energy required to do the work as well as the time and energy to recover from the work. All, with the effort to keep people safe. Follow up work is also useful.

If you would like to donate to the cause…

If you would like to donate to the rebalancing of these healing efforts, you can contribute using the Paypal link knowing your contributions make a bigger difference than you will ever know:

Message of Faith by Archangel Faith:

“You have come to a pivotal time in history. The work now is cleaning up the imbalances created from many years of operating within a darkened world. The world of duality within which you have lived is coming to a close. You have the opportunity now to move into the new golden age and live in Heaven on Earth where you can experience the promise of peace and abundance. To get there, however, you must release the past programming that keeps you replaying the past experiences of duality. Let them go from yourself as well as the world at large and all benefit sooner than later. Be at peace. Thank you for your contributions.” ~ Archangel Faith

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