The Heaven on Earth Toolkit

There are many questions about Heaven on Earth including what it is and how to experience it. Therefore, we have put together some background, including what preceded it’s opening. We also included some fun stuff to help bring more awareness to Heaven on Earth being here.

My intention is to eventually have everyone enjoy and benefit from the properties of Heaven on Earth, which officially opened March 30, 2013 after much clearing and preparation. In the interim, it requires education, inspiration and ascension to experience it fully. 

Each year, I try to bring more awareness to Heaven on Earth by focusing on celebrating the anniversary. I invite you all to celebrate with me on March 30 no matter where you are located. If you would like to join in the festivities, we have provided the following to help educate you and give you some ideas of promoting or celebrating. You do what you are inspired to do. How do you currently celebrate your national holidays for example? 

Let me share a special thank you to those of you willing to join us to help spread the word that Heaven on Earth is here. The more who know about it, the more who can celebrate and benefit! It warms my heart and has me excited others want to help spread the good news.

These initial gifts and information are relevant to the day and may support you in understanding Heaven on Earth better. The goal is to help all capitalize on Heaven on Earth being available. If you want to hold a celebration on March 30, the anniversary any year, we want to make it as easy and as fun as possible just like it should be in Heaven on Earth.

We will continue to add and enhance as possible. Your feedback will always have value so if we can help provide additional insight or tools, etc., please email with “Heaven on Earth Toolkit” in subject line so we can address accordingly.


Information and Background on Heaven on Earth:

Here are the links and downloads, etc. to help understand Heaven on Earth or help promote an event to celebrate and help bring awareness to Heaven on Earth:

God defines Heaven on Earth as follows: “Heaven on Earth is the qualities of Heaven such as peace, joy, and abundance, and pure connection to me experienced on Earth. It is an experience in consciousness achieved when your vibration reaches the Fifth Dimension or above. Heaven on  Earth is here for those who can embrace the qualities from within. Ascension is vital here to raise the energies from within to match the energies of Heaven. When you can meet in the middle, magic happens, and Heaven on Earth opens to you.”

Link to post on Facebook of the above which you can download or share from there to help the momentum of all experiencing Heaven on Earth:

Social Media Post defining Heaven on Earth

You may wish to start the research below by listening to God’s invitation home followed by audio of Archangel Faith.

You can read background from this blog post which also leads you go history of the opening of Heaven on Earth. 

Replay of  Teleseminar on Heaven on Earth opening by Dr. Joy Pedersen (This was the tele-seminar delivered on the anniversary of Heaven on Earth Day March 30, 2017.)

Slide presentation with audio by Dr. Joy Pedersen on what was cleared and steps taken to help open Heaven on Earth

Click here for: Major Spiritual Events (These are dates that were given by Archangel Michael to record).

Download Message from God on Love and Heaven on Earth

YouTube link to Wisdom of the Guardian on Heaven on Earth

The following two channeled messages came from God and then Archangel Faith on Heaven on Earth:

Audio: God Inviting You Home to Him

Audio: Archangel Faith on Heaven on Earth

For an Overview:  Heaven on Earth Day Celebration Report

Products with Logos and graphics relative to Heaven on Earth:

All these graphics were created and shared here on these products as an opportunity wear, share or show in some way something relating to Heaven on Earth. By wearing a button or t-shirt, first example, you may entice conversation to discuss the subject. The general public does not know it is here, what it is or how to reach to benefit from it. You can get buttons and share with those in attendance. Use your imagination and inspiration with these tools to assist in spreading the word.

Heaven on Earth Logo:

Painting of Heaven on Earth:

I Live in Heaven on Earth:

Tools for Holding an Event to Celebrate Heaven on Earth:

Click here for Banner

(Use to post on the top of an evite, eventbrite or Facebook event post to help promote your event.)

Here’s sample of what is happening in Lakeland, Florida March 30, 2018:

Here’s a link to event in Sarasota March 30, 2023:

If you think additional information or something would be useful or fun to spread the word, let me know. You can email us at with the words, “Heaven on Earth Toolkit” in subject matter for ease.

Also, to connect to ask questions on any of the above, feel free to join us at our private community on Facebook called Help from Heaven where you can join a like-minded community and feel comfortable to share as well as connect.

There is also a group on Facebook for those who want to discuss celebration of Heaven on Earth so for those who wish to bring more attention to Heaven on Earth Day specifically, we can discuss there.

And, you are welcome to stay abreast of all our various help from Heaven in our weekly newsletter to help elevate your life for more ease, success, joy, love, peace, balance, freedom and abundance.

Thank you for sharing this journey with me. These are exciting times.




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