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Make a Commitment to Improve Your Life or Business

Whatever your challenge may be, Dr. Joy will help you overcome the blocks to achieve better results more effortlessly. There may be many contributing factors to your life or business not flowing or appearing as you prefer. Using intuitive gifts, Dr. Joy can help you determine the hidden causes of your challenges. Using spiritual healing, Dr. Joy can help you release those causes. The causes may be hidden within your subconscious or the subconscious with whom you are dealing.

Dr. Joy has been using spiritual healing and her intuitive skills to identify and clear the cause of challenges for decades. She has been consulting individuals on their personal and business issues over the telephone. She uses Zoom or Skype for her sessions with her international clients.

Some of the topics addressed with her clients have been:

  • Clarifying your purpose, goals, and objectives
  • Releasing cause of anger, fear, or other emotional challenges
  • Staying focused, enthusiastic, and present
  • Business development challenges
  • Health and wellness challenges
  • Resolving the cause of financial issues
  • Releasing cause of personal conflicts
  • Healing a broken heart
  • Letting go of past
  • Problems forgiving
  • Blocks to receiving
  • Challenges knowing your highest good
  • Remaining centered
  • Improving relationships
  • Enhancing connection to Source
  • Releasing negative energy, and entities attached to person or property
  • Identifying and releasing limiting beliefs
  • Clear legal and real estate matters
  • Releasing vows
  • Severing contracts with darkness created by you or taken out on you
  • Removing attachments, curses, spells, and karma

One person can work on behalf of each person in the family or on behalf of the business.

If you are interested in understanding if there is a fit for this work personally for you and/or your business, there is a no-obligation introductory conversation to explore specifics relating to you and this work. To schedule that, apply here and provide some of the areas of interest you’d like to explore along with your timezone and best hours you can chat on preferably Mondays and Wednesdays when we schedule these calls.

We look forward to serving your highest needs and being part of a team that helps you transform your life and/or business.

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