Would you like to see improvements and desired results with more ease?

Life is meant to be enjoyed.

Do you wish to end confusion, doubt, or indecision and always know what was for your highest and best with ease?

Have you experienced any anxiety over current affairs?

Have you questioned the truth or vacillated over what is correct or the perfect course of action to take?

By aligning with the brightest light in existence to access infinite intelligence, you can quickly and easily get the answers for what is highest, best, and purposeful for you. And, by doing so, you save time, money and aggravation by not going down the wrong path or choosing the wrong purchase or action.

Why learn the hard why? Why not just ask?

Have you ever struggled with reaching your desired goals with ease? Bust through those blocks and barriers to more effortless success.

In light of our participation in the Health Summit, we are extending a special offer. We have created a couple of special packages for you at savings to get a taste of clearing, connecting to Source, and releasing blocks and barriers with more ease. 

Option One – Premium Package

Three private half-hour sessions and one group session. All include energy, past-life healing, ancestral healing and clearing of negative memories, limiting beliefs and karma. There will be training from God, Q&A at a special packaged rate for $500 providing a savings of over $160.

Option Two

One private and one group for $200 at a savings of over $60.

All work is done remotely and available either via telephone, Skype or Zoom.

If you’d like to take advantage of either of these packages, you may do so by contacting Dr. Joy immediately to seize the savings. Mention ‘Summit’ offer.  You can reach her via JoyPedersen.com/contact

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