Reignite the Light

Using Intuition For Success In [Life or in Business] (depending on audience)

Connecting to the Cosmos to Create Success

How To Access The Help From Heaven


The Secret to Your Success

It May Not Be What You Think


Your Subconscious Holds the Key to Your Success

Is your subconscious sabotaging or support yours?


Blocks to Building Business

How the Subconscious Mind Impacts Business


Heaven Help My Business!

How to Receive Heaven’s Help for Business Success


Your Life is Your Mirror

What is it teaching you?


It was a very powerful presentation.

– Angela, Business Owner


“Joy is an inspirational speaker, leader and author. She speaks from the heart and soul to help others be better at who they are and live a more fulfilled life. She is truly a breath of fresh air in a chaotic world.” April 22, 2011

Marlene J. Waldock, Founder, Because We Are Women

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