archangel michael Archangel Michael came to me and asked me to write his book. He wanted to communicate with you to help answer your prayers, overcome your struggles, improve your relationships, and help you with your career and money issues. He addresses how to have peace on earth and transition to heaven on earth.

When I was inspired, I wrote the introduction and then each subsequent day that I felt inspired wrote another chapter. Some of the information was familiar and some of it was new to me. Each time I had to reread the book during the publishing process, I actually gained either something new or an increased level of awareness. Having him by my side is truly remarkable.

As a reader of this blog, you are familiar with his writing. I have always found him to be very much to the point.

I am honored, humbled and grateful to have been chosen to deliver his messages to you and now his book. He really cares about you and wants to make a significant difference in your life and the world at large. He works tirelessly helping us all. His messages have made a huge impact in my life and I hope they have done the same for you.

You can order a hardcover, softcover or e-book at iUniverse or from Amazon.

I hope you will benefit from reading it as much as I did. It has been a labor of love.

spiritual coach

Joy S. Pedersen, Founder of Express Success LLC, is an intuitive Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, non-denominational ordained minister, and Doctor of Divinity. A noted business consultant and networker with a celebrated international clientele with whom she works remotely by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Archangel Michael asked her to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and join him in a healing practice. Their global healing work to set humanity free is featured in the international best-seller "Clear Your Past and Change Your Future".

She works closely with individuals and businesses of all sizes to identify and clear their hidden challenges with money, relationships, career, business, health and well being. Her work includes removing negative memories, emotions, beliefs, past lives, property, travel, darkness, curses, and karma.

For a free report to enhance your life and help you soar and succeed with more ease, go here.

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