Blaming your circumstances on another causes you to stay stuck in them. By allowing yourself to recognize and take responsibility for the circumstances at hand, you have the power for change. You can change the circumstances in an instant by taking 100% responsibility for them. By taking 100% responsibility for them, you empower yourself to rise above the evidence, so to speak, and see things for what they truly are…an illusion and a reflection of some inner workings that you need address.

By addressing the situation head on, taking ownership and being responsible, you change the outer reflection of your inner world immediately. Whether the outer expression of the circumstance disappears in an instant is irrelevant to the situation but the change in experience and how you relate can change in a moment.

No one is a victim. No one experiences a struggle of any kind without that struggle existing somewhere within the consciousness of an individual. It may be a long forgotten belief, experience, memory, etc., but is within the deep recesses of the mind somehow. Once you recognize that it exists somewhere, somehow, you can release it to the ethers for cleansing and transmuting. You need not carry anything longer than it take to rectify in one’s consciousness.

Barbara Ann


spiritual coach

Joy S. Pedersen, Founder of Express Success LLC, is an intuitive Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, non-denominational ordained minister, and Doctor of Divinity. A noted business consultant and networker with a celebrated international clientele with whom she works remotely by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Archangel Michael asked her to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and join him in a healing practice. Their global healing work to set humanity free is featured in the international best-seller "Clear Your Past and Change Your Future".

She works closely with individuals and businesses of all sizes to identify and clear their hidden challenges with money, relationships, career, business, health and well being. Her work includes removing negative memories, emotions, beliefs, past lives, property, travel, darkness, curses, and karma.

For a free report to enhance your life and help you soar and succeed with more ease, go here.

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