Becoming successful and well known is not an easy. Some go from relative obscurity to overnight sensation. Some experience the dark side of life in those efforts. Depending on someone’s makeup, and history (including past lives) in the public, their current experience may be colored and challenging.

* Who do you trust?

* How do you handle the reaction of the public?

* Did you engage in behavior that you regret? 

* Were contracts (written, verbal or non-verbal) created with darkness? 

* Is your self-esteem comparable to what is required to handle an onslaught of both positive and negative attention?

Someone may be thrown into the public eye by accident and others by design. In either case, the experience may turn out to be challenging.

By releasing unconscious negative mindset and past life as well as karmic issues, the ability to handle what is presented becomes easier. Fears and limiting beliefs can be released so the situation is less intimidating. Contracts can be severed in the spiritual and the attachments and karma released. The goal is to heal and evolve all situations and provide freedom from the past. 

Case Study

One client wanted to improve her experience in her public work. It was discovered she had been an actress in another life and had been panned having tomatoes thrown at her. It horrified her to re-experience that. But once memories such as those were removed, she found it easier to be public.

Clearing with the media as well as your team and co-workers can help all situations run more smoothly.

Case Study

One client has Dr. Joy clear with all her public appearances in advance of them. She clears all from the time she leaves home until she returns from the event. What is cleared is the karma between all participants to help all relate better. The venue is cleared of all lower energies which elevates the outcome. After clearing speaking and television appearances, as well as meetings she is attending, this client reports how smoothly all went with the beneficial outcomes that occurred.

As someone who worked in television for ten years, Dr. Pedersen saw the challenges facing the actors she worked with who were both famous and those just stepping into the limelight. Not all handled themselves, or the situations they faced, well. Many were challenged by the attention, demands, and notoriety. The expectations are enormous.


Although Archangel Michael came to Dr. Pedersen and asked her to channel his book, which she did, she had trouble publishing it because she didn’t want to tell the business community she actually could speak to angels. Before taking this public, she had to take herself on as a client to eliminate the cause of her own issues about going public. Because of her ability to review past lives, she was able to determine numerous lifetimes of persecution that were holding her back from feeling comfortable being public now. As she began to see and release those lifetimes, it became easier for her to discuss her work publicly. The more she released, the more she shared her work. As she became more comfortable, more opportunities came until she now freely discusses her spiritual abilities, identity and work.

She now helps others who are uncomfortable with being in the public eye, release the cause(s) within them. As the process she uses can also clear future events, she will also work with someone to clear their upcoming public appearances so they go more smoothly. By releasing anything negative and preparing for the event in advance, there is less chance for things to go wrong.


When she was teaching networking in New York, she used this process for her own benefit. She cleared the entire situation from door to door. “I noticed a marked difference between those times I cleared versus the times I hadn’t. When I had done sufficient clearing in advance, I would effortlessly drive to New York, often get free parking in front of or near the location. The evening flowed with appreciative feedback. I went home feeling good. Those times I hadn’t, never went as smoothly.” says Pedersen.

For those in entertainment, the subject matters of the shows they are in or working on need clearing as well. By clearing the past connections they have with them, helps improve the outcomes. When movies, shows and plays are cleared in advance and during production, many improvements may occur. Productions can come in with lower costs due to less mishaps. So even if a cast member is clearing, it can benefit the whole production.

With clearing, it is easier for anyone to adjust to becoming, as well as being, a celebrity. Regardless of where someone is in stature, clearing events in advance helps them go better with less stress and anxiety. Clearing the past, the relationships with the people, as well as future events, including all locations, elevates the outcomes, events and experiences. The more clearing, the more outcomes are improved.