Our Clients

Our clients are often baby-boomers who own their own business. However, Dr. Joy serves individuals of all ages whether they own a business or not. Dr. Joy has a relatively equal number of male as well as female clients. They usually come from the background of being Jewish or Christian and may or may not practice a religion currently.

Dr. Joy often works on one individual and through that individual addresses issues within their personal as well as business lives. Therefore, the work can be performed on a spouse, child or other relative through the client regarding personal issues. Regarding business people, their co-workers, employees, vendors, sales situations and all involved can all be addressed through the client.

Regular clients are usually old souls with a purpose to serve. They are committed to letting go of everything and anything holding themselves back from being, doing and having all intended this lifetime.

Her weekly clients call and have their energy cleared as well as work done on topics requested or guided. Clients will address the issues of the week and Dr. Joy clears the week, their energy, the cause of their problems and issues affecting themselves as well as their family, business and employees. She will also clear their future plans, events, and travel. The work is so comprehensive that clients enroll her assistance in all parts of life and business.

Her celebrity clients often come due to Dr. Joy’s experience working in the entertainment business. The understanding of the industry as well as celebrity, together with the reputation gained during her ten years in Hollywood, have earned her referrals within that industry due in large part to her discretion.

The clients she works with are open-minded and committed to optimal results.

Clients come from manufacturing, real estate, finance, marketing, legal, consultants, coaches, healers, medical, pharmaceutical, entertainment, government, retail, service providers, writers, artists, internet, sales, etc..

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