Without realizing it, you can be affected by the energies and intentions of others. As a clairvoyant, I see things my clients don’t necessarily see with the naked eye.

A client who came to me was sensitive enough to recognize she didn’t feel quite right. As she also did energy work, she felt she picked up the negative energies of others she had worked on. When I tuned in, I saw her aura was damaged. It looked like it had large pockmarks on it the size of a large basketball denting her in several places. When I described what I saw, she confirmed my description was exactly how she felt.

When I tuned in, I was able to ascertain the damage occurred when she was in a supermarket rather than when she was working on her clients. I didn’t need to know exactly what or who caused the damage. All I had to do was heal it. Others affect us often without realizing it. Their negative thinking can damage us in many ways without our realizing it. Negative entities and energies can become attached to someone by being in their presence.

The problem in this case was that once the damage occurred, she became more susceptible to picking up other negative energies from her clients as well as anyone else she came in contact with in her day-to-day living.

I spiritually healed the caused and repaired her aura. By doing so, she should have more energy and feel better overall. Fortunately, she was feeling better and she said she could feel she was being restored before we got off the phone.

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Joy S. Pedersen, Founder of Express Success LLC, is an intuitive Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, non-denominational ordained minister, and Doctor of Divinity. A noted business consultant and networker with a celebrated international clientele with whom she works remotely by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Archangel Michael asked her to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and join him in a healing practice. Their global healing work to set humanity free is featured in the international best-seller "Clear Your Past and Change Your Future".

She works closely with individuals and businesses of all sizes to identify and clear their hidden challenges with money, relationships, career, business, health and well being. Her work includes removing negative memories, emotions, beliefs, past lives, property, travel, darkness, curses, and karma.

For a free report to enhance your life and help you soar and succeed with more ease, go here.

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