If you want love in your life, look at how you love yourself. Do you love yourself unconditionally? Do you value your very own existence? Do you know who you are and what you want? Do you truly you know what you want? Many of you want love but don’t even know what it is or how to get it. Love is not something you go out and get. Love is something you attract but who you are and what you want.

What you want eludes you often as you think you want one thing and really want another. You attract love and don’t recognize it when it comes. You think you want one thing and go after something opposite that. Your inconsistency is what throws off your receiving love.

You inability to love yourself stops you more than anything else.

Rather than looking for love outside of yourself, try improving your love for yourself. Think of all the wonderful qualities you have and express those out into the world. Do not worry about trying to find love. Allow love to come to you when you least expect it. Many run around trying to find love in bars, through friends, through internet dating, etc. It is not how you find love. Love comes to you through your love of yourself. These methods of finding love are tools and useful tools at times. 

What is key, however, is your ability to love yourself and accept love into your life. When you love yourself and ready to accept love into your life, it is available to you and these tools you use may very well be the way you find your love. The inner work need be done first. Once that occurs and you are truly ready, the method to connect you with your love is something we will guide you to. We will inspire you to take the appropriate action that will guide to connecting with your love. 

If you are not ready, you will take many action steps that are unnecessary and a waste of your time and others because they will only lead you down unfulfilling paths that don’t garner the results you desire. If you work on loving yourself and allowing love in, you will be guided to do exactly what is necessary when it is necessary to connect you with the love you desire. It is effortless and appropriate.



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Joy S. Pedersen, Founder of Express Success LLC, is an intuitive Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, non-denominational ordained minister, and Doctor of Divinity. A noted business consultant and networker with a celebrated international clientele with whom she works remotely by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Archangel Michael asked her to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and join him in a healing practice. Their global healing work to set humanity free is featured in the international best-seller "Clear Your Past and Change Your Future".

She works closely with individuals and businesses of all sizes to identify and clear their hidden challenges with money, relationships, career, business, health and well being. Her work includes removing negative memories, emotions, beliefs, past lives, property, travel, darkness, curses, and karma.

For a free report to enhance your life and help you soar and succeed with more ease, go here.

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