A financial clearing is a spiritual healing of your relationship to money. It is usually done remotely unless done as part of a program offering. During a private session, Dr. Pedersen clears negative energies, memories and karma that may be affecting your experiences of money.

What are the benefits of a financial clearing? 

Our clients have expressed:

  • Increased savings
  • Increased sales and income
  • Less stress where money is concerned
  • Spending less
  • Business increases
  • Open communication about money
  • Improved cash flow
  • Getting more for their money
  • Receiving things for free
  • More ease asking for money

When should you clear regarding money?

  • If you’ve never done one
  • When you struggle with money
  • When you don’t feel you have enough
  • When you spend more than you make
  • Whenever there’s a shift in financial circumstances
  • When you are going to have negotiations
  • When you are fighting about money
  • When cash flow is inconsistent
  • When you have fears relating to getting, keeping, spending or saving money
  • When you’ve suffered a financial loss or identify theft
  • When you come into unexpected money
  • When you have problems spending or parting with money
  • When you use the term “I can’t afford”

What is cleared?

Money itself is cleared as well as your relationship to it. We include your history, thoughts, beliefs and feelings about money. We can also clear with your income sources, jobs, and release any blocks to receiving more money. Clearing your ability to receive as well as your beliefs about how much you can earn is addressed.

Who is cleared?

We focus on you but can include anyone you are responsible for financially as well as the sources of your income. You should clear all connections with your financial team as well so everyone is operating at the highest level for your best interests.

How is this cleared?

We set a time over the phone and when we speak, I open a spiritual channel to Divinity and the work is done between you and Divinity. I facilitate the process and help include pertinent information appropriate to the situation.

How soon can I expect results?

All results depend on how many layers of history and elements that are contributing to your experiences. Some issues are more stubborn than others. Some people are more open to letting go as well, which benefits the outcome.