A client and I were discussing abortion. Mother Mary often comes through during sessions when women are wanting to clear issues of abuse. She came through with her opinion to address some of the questions the client asked. Here is the message where Mother Mary discusses abortion:

Abortion has troubled me for a very long time.

Life is a gift. It is not to be taken lightly. God giveth life; God taketh away. It isn’t something that anyone has a right to destroy. It isn’t for another to judge the importance of someone’s life or why they are here as valuable or not.

Someone choosing to come to Earth has a mission. It is a divinely-guided mission. No one is here by accident at this time. It isn’t up to someone to decide a child is a convenience or not, an affordable commodity or not. A human being is not something to toy with or consider disposable, especially if it doesn’t suit your needs.

You have one life here at this time. You came for a particular reason. All are here for a particular reason. Those of you who decide to take matters into your own hands and dispose of people who don’t suit your needs have a price to pay when all is said and done. There is a cost to every decision you make. Some don’t weigh in as heavily as taking another’s life no matter what the circumstance.

You have to think about why you are taking matters into your own hands. Do you think you have the power of God, the right to play God or that your actions don’t have consequences?

What if a child was dubbed to be the next Messiah and you aborted him or her for fear or ignorance. That decision could have lessened the opportunity to have all experience what would be possible due to that child’s contribution to the world.

But it doesn’t matter if the child would have been the next Messiah or not as no one is any less valuable and their importance here no less as well.

You have to remember one important thing when you kill another human being and that is you are killing God in some small way each and every time. You see God is within each of you as God created each of you. He may not be what you perceive him to be as someone separate from you. He is within you. You see you cannot separate matter at essence. What is within you is within all. What is within others, is within you. Within all is God.

Whether it a mother or a doctor who terminates a pregnancy, they are playing God when deciding someone’s fate. They are destroying one of God’s creations as well as someone who has God at their essence as much as you do.

Just because you have God within you, does not give you the right to act on his behalf and determine someone else’s fate. It is not your divine right to take someone else’s life into your hands and decide if someone should live or die. That is the ultimate arrogance.

If you don’t want to have a child, do what you need to protect yourself from having one but not through the means of killing a child. It isn’t your role. If you take an action that ends up in unpleasant or less than undesirable results, that is your problem and it is up to you to take 100% responsibility for it and do the right thing.

I am saddened each time I hear the cries of the death of fetuses – too many to count. You think they don’t matter. You don’t think they know what you feel about them, think about them, or know they are unwanted, inconvenient, or a nuisance.

That child picks up all sorts of impressions and sensations and determines all sorts of things.

Memories of being aborted are within the subconscious and often come into the next life with challenges from those previous experiences of being aborted.

Do you know how many of you have trouble completing things because you have been previously aborted? Too numerous to mention. Clearing those memories would make a huge improvement to your ability to complete things. Another situation is you may often find someone interfering with what you want to finish.

You need take into consideration the ramifications of your choices. Those that choose abortion for any reason are not of the light if they make this decision themselves. If it is God’s will that is one thing. There are mechanisms for that in place. If there is an appropriate reason for an abortion, God will provide the means.


For God’s perspective on abortion, visit the blog post on the Catholic Church Controversy over Abortion.

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