Property Clearing and Blessing

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Clearing Property

How many sessions are usually needed to clear a property?

Usually no more than one initial clearing is necessary. If you are addressing the property alone, a thorough clearing of the energies attached to the property from the beginning of time forward to the future should be sufficient. In some cases, if the property has significant darkness attached to it, may take more than one session. All property benefits from clearing it periodically.

When is a clearing recommended?

If there was never a clearing done, one should be done immediately. After that, any time there is a change or something occurs on the property that is negative. If you live in an urban neighborhood where there are late night activities and noise, then it will need regular clearings. These energies can infiltrate your environment.

When you are exposed to large crowds or people who have inharmonious energies from work, hospitals or clinics, public transportation, bars and restaurants, conventions, hotels and motels, theaters, concerts, festivals, sports arenas, etc.

Do you ever recommend a clearing for maintenance?

Change is constant. It is useful to clear property at a regular interval. As many participate in spring and fall cleaning in the interior of their homes, it is useful to clear the energy as well at those times. Homes and properties can be cleared daily if someone does this work themselves, but usually it is not affordable to hire someone outside of the home to do frequently. Do as the budget allows, as inspired or as you feel it is necessary. Judge your own feelings as they relate to your environment such as if you feel inharmonious energy at home, things aren’t going well for you or you are feeling depressed. Sometimes these situations require a personal consultation rather than a home clearing. It can be determined if the cause is from within the home or from within the person before proceeding.

What is good indication that a clearing would be useful?

If you see arguing, abuse, accidents or anything unpleasant occurring within the home, the property and home should be cleared. In these cases, the cause of the arguing, abuse, accidents, etc. should also be addressed.

What should we expect from a clearing?

Once the property is cleared, unseen energies are elevated. You may not notice a dramatic difference. Sometimes it depends on how sensitive you already are to shifts in energy. Some have reported feeling calmer. Results vary depending on what was cleared. Some of the influences are so subtle that you don’t realize the change you are experiencing are due to the clearing. A child may have an easier time studying or have better grades but you wouldn’t necessarily realize that it was due to the clearing.

What do you need from us to do a clearing?

The address and names of the owners of the property are sufficient. If, however, there is something specific the client wants to share that is a concern, please include.

How is the clearing done?

During a meditative state, a channel is opened to Divinity and a spiritual process is opened and the address and names of owners are put into the process. Then a series of information relevant to the property are included to be cleared. Once complete, the process is closed and the clearing is done by Divinity.

What is considered relevant information?

Everything that has ever occurred on that property from the beginning of time. We don’t need to know the specifics. Sometimes visions appear of situations that need to be included that are affecting the property but all the details are not necessary to be known an a conscious level.

How is it possible to do this work remotely?

Because the work is done directly with Divinity, it doesn’t matter where the property is located in comparison to where the clearing is done.

How long does it take to complete?

It depends on the history of the property. Because the work doesn’t involve the client’s time, the work will be scheduled as soon as there is an opening.

How will we know the work is done?

If someone is on the phone while the work is being done, you will know at that time. If hired to do the work separately, you will be notified. If you are giving it as a gift, a certificate is sent to the client upon completion if requested.

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