Reignite the Light


The time has come for all to have the light from within reignited. Why is this necessary? In order to come to this Earth, your light was extinguished. Over time, people awaken and become of aware of that which is far greater than themselves and search for enlightenment. When the light is reignited from within, you will have more clarity.

Joy Pedersen has been given the assignment as an emissary of light, to reignite that light from within. Her goal is to assist humanity to evolve out of the dark into the light more easily.

Her work has encompassed clearing the karma of humanity to help move the planet into Heaven on Earth. The opening for Heaven on Earth took place on March 30, 2013.

That holy week brought to fruition major clearing events that included releasing the cause of oppression, sacrifice, suffering, martyrdom, Adam and Eve, and the serpent energies.

During that time, Joy was given the New Tree of Life. The New Tree of Life aligns you with the divine to access all there is.

During the months leading up to Holy Week, key issues affecting the problems of the world included clearing with the karma of the fallen angels and mending the rift between Lucifer and Archangel Michael. She has the ability to travel back consciously to the beginning of time and identify the causal level of those problems and clear the cause using spiritual healing. These causes have led to many of problems you still experience today.

You are still suffering effects of many of those issues giving you problems with money, self-esteem, fear, relationships, business, following your calling, etc. without realizing the hidden causes of your challenges to more effortless success.

During this workshop, you will

*learn the top main causes to your challenges

*clear some of the negative effects of the karma affecting humanity

*receive the New Tree of Life which aligns you to the divine to access all there is

*receive the white flame from the throne of God lighted within to give you more clarity

*do a process to align you with your highest path

*learn how to experience Heaven on Earth – joy, love, peace, balance and abundance

The destiny of Joy Pedersen this lifetime was to carry the soul of Archangel Michael to bring to completion the trials and tribulations humanity has experienced since the time of the fallen angels. Although Archangel Michael has been with her her whole life, it wasn’t until 2004 when he stood before her asking her to write his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life, and transition her business to join him in a healing practice. He did not, however, alert her to the focus of the practice was to clear the cause of evil.

Her work as a spiritual healer was done privately and relatively silently with clients being guided to her to fulfill her purpose. During those sessions, with her gift of seeing, she witnessed the causal level of evil. It was not until certain key events were completed that she was permitted to speak publicly about these dynamics. These events that took place to help bring us to this most significant point in history…the end of the world as we once knew it and the beginning of Heaven on Earth.

From this day forward, you will be in a new position to more readily experience Heaven on Earth for yourself.

Could you imagine a life of more ease, joy, peace, love, freedom and abundance? It can all be yours. The choice is yours.


Joy Pedersen is Founder and President of Express Success LLC. She is a Licensed Spiritual Healer and Certified Spiritual HealthCoach, non-denominational ordained minister and holds a Doctorate of Divinity. She is spokesperson for Heaven, the best-selling author of “Clear Your Past and Change Your Future” and the author of “Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life”. She works with individuals and their businesses identifying and clearing the hidden causes of their challenges to experience more effortless success.



Time [3-hour workshop, which can expanded]


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“Energetic Healing”

“I felt the warmth from the flame immediately.”


“My friend told me I must come and I am so glad that I did. This was a gift to myself.”