Joy S. Pedersen, D.D., L.S.H.C., C.S.H.C.

The work is divinely guided as a means to assist humanity in moving forward to more ease and grace.

Dr. Joy has been provided certain gifts for Heaven could help you. It is through guided knowledge and vision that she is shown all that is necessary to clear and heal the negative memories and horrors of the past to set you free.

As the work is to alleviate the negative memories, energies, emotions and karma of those past-life occurrences, Dr. Joy is able to identify and release the energetic and karmic charge that continues to wreak havoc on life today. It is released from the etheric and akashic records. The work includes ancestral patterns and programming. Therefore, ancestors as well as descendants, and others involved in the incidents, benefit.

All work sets free the past, present and future and covers all dimension, time and space.

The work includes the Lords of Karma in which Archangel Michael participates.

Other Lords of Karma participate in the work. For example, Mother Mary is present at all times cases of abuse are covered as that is one of her areas of specialization.

The client effortlessly sits in the comfort of their own home or office on telephone, Zoom or Skype and Dr. Joy is able to tune in clearing all connected to the situation through the client.

As an empath, Dr. Joy can feel the pain and suffering that the client does not necessarily even associate with or realize during a session. Once identified, she clears the cause of the situation. It is then up to the client to fully release for divinity to ultimately complete the healing.

Subjects covered are often persecution, slavery, lifetimes of poverty, abuse, arranged marriages, suffering, martyrdom, oppression, banking, money, anger, can’t speak truth, self worth, war, loss, curses, secret societies, imprisonment, failures, business dynamics, travel, feudal times, religion, power, etc.

Countless hours have been spent clearing the middle and dark ages, in particular, along with much of the persecution that took place during that time. That persecution is a common denominator in why healers and lightworkers are either not following their calling or not as successful as they could be. Once released of those negative memories, they begin to succeed with more ease.

A common denominator amongst her clients has been they are old souls, with a high purpose and blocks to clear. Many have been discovered to be some of the reincarnated who’s who of Bible or other significant players in history that desire their karma cleared.

“It is amazing the discoveries I have made about the history of the world through the ability to see the past. It answers a lot of questions for both the individual as to where their challenges derived from as well as what really happened in some cases.” says Dr. Joy. “It has been fascinating, but also what’s unique is not having to get every detail of someone’s past to clear the cause of their challenges. We can also release the cause effortlessly without the client feeling the emotional connections to the story although they may feel shifts in with the energy releasing.”

The above that is hidden within someone’s personal or ancestral past that is contributing to their challenges now with money, relationships, business, health and wellbeing is released without much sharing of personal information from the client.

By releasing blocks, emotional baggage, limiting beliefs and negative memories, energies and karma, the client can more effortlessly achieve even more success quicker and easier.

During her private sessions, God, angels and others sometimes come through answering questions or making suggestions. When this occurs, that portion of the session may be recorded for the client.

“During my healing sessions, God, angels, deceased relatives, souls of living beings, past life self and relatives as well as ascended masters may come through but it is when it is purposeful for the content of the session. My focus is on healing the past to change the future. I don’t work as a medium in general although some of my regular clients make special requests on birthdays and anniversaries and sometimes the person they would like to reach accommodates,” says Dr. Joy.

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