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Archangel Michael, who I have been channeling for at least a decade has asked me to do these monthly calls and requested the topic for this evening. When I create these calls, I don’t know what he necessarily has in mind to convey to you so I usually prepare some material and then allow him to communicate through me in advance what he wants to share with you.

Michael, as are other heavenly support such as angels and ascended masters and others are here at this time to help us all individually as well as collectively solve our problems and attain personal as well as planetary peace.

Feel free to reach out to them for assistance at any time if you are struggling to experience peace.

I thought for this call it might be good exercise to include the dictionary’s definition of peace.

freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility; mental calm; serenity: the peace of mind that insurance or assurance gives you; freedom from or the cessation of war or violence; freedom from dispute or dissension or disorder between individuals or groups.

wikipedia describes it as:

Peace is an occurrence of harmony characterized by the lack of violence, conflict behaviors and the freedom from fear of violence. Commonly understood as the absence of hostility and retribution, peace also suggests sincere attempts at reconciliation, the existence of healthy or newly healed interpersonal or international relationships, prosperity in matters of social or economic welfare, the establishment of equality, and a working political order that serves the true interests of all.

But tonight Michael wants to share his insights on peace for both you as well as the planet:

Dear Ones

I asked Joy to bring about this call in order for me to have the time to share with you my thoughts on the subject of peace.

Not always am I associated with a desire for peace as I am depicted by shield and sword. I am God’s protector as well as the protector of all of God’s creations, which includes you. There is no one here who cannot feel free to call upon me at a time of stress and discord – in those moments of unrest – to help you experience more peace.

My role has been pretty specific throughout history in that I am called upon to battle darkness. But where does darkness lie but within. That is the first place in which you wish to look for it if you are troubled. It is within your own soul where the darkness lies and the need for light exists. I bring forth more light by eliminating the darkness. It is what I do. I am in charge of karma, I work with Joy in her practice in removing the karma from within. Which, I might add, is the first line of defense when wishing to experience more peace.

If you wish more peace in the world, you wish to start with it from within. The battle of darkness to experience peace lies within you. Until you are free of darkness, you will have aspects of the self that will cause or attract a lack of peace. With peace comes a light-filled existence. If there only be light, there only be peace. Peace reigns supreme in the absence of darkness.

Why do I bring up and stress the darkness in the effort to discuss peace? It is important to understand where the unrest begins. It does not begin on the outside as the world is a reflection of what you experience on the inside. As you clear the debris of the mind, you experience peace in your reality.

You may have experiences in life that are unpleasant because of aspects of life that are unpleasant but mostly it is the judgments of those experiences that cause the unrest and the lack of peace.

I want to stress this right now as there is so much unrest in the world these days. There always has been but it is culminating at a rate that is unsettling to many. I want to empower you to know how to make the necessary changes within your own life in order to affect the change you wish to experience in your personal world.

Your personal world filled with peace can be very different than those around you who do not view the world as a whole. An indication of your peace barometer is what you notice and give your attention to as that becomes your reality.

You are moving into a time and space that the reality of those around you can be very different than what you experience. Those of you who are experiencing unrest are still living within the third and fourth dimensions of reality. Those of you who are living without fear and concern by and large are living in the fifth dimension of reality.

The 5th dimension of reality is something you can experience in a moment by giving your attention to it and letting go of all fear and limiting beliefs. These aren’t necessarily easy states to release as you have accumulated memories from aeons of time that coerce you into believing the world exists around you as the cause of your pain and sorrow.

The pain and sorrow you experience in your life is a reflection of your past beliefs and circumstances that still have a hold on you. Once you release the hold these memories have on you, you are set free to experience ease and effortlessness. The more you release, the less you carry. The less you carry of these negative memories and pasts, the less within you to attract negative circumstances to you.

It is the emotions from the past that end up attracting much of what you experience at this time. If you are experiencing a less-than desirable outcome, then you will experience those types of outcomes until you release that which is within that is attracting them to you.

You sometimes attract these circumstances to you until a lesson is learned, and at other times, just until you are willing to fully release the memory or guilt or anger or judgment or emotions attached to them.

What I say to you now, I say to you with sincere humbleness of intent. I am not here to blame you for the wrongs and troubles in your life. I am here to alert you to where to look for the solution to your dilemmas and why you are lacking peace in your life at present.

Once you are given the solution, you are empowered to make better choices. You can seek resolution from within instead of looking outside of yourself for the answers that lie within. When it comes to the dramas of life, the cause as well as the solution exists within yourself. You have access to all that exists, all knowingness and all solutions from within.

Those that are doing peace marches have only to look within to find the solution as to what is troubling them. Why are they then in a state of unrest? Seek ye first the kingdom of heaven within and all else shall be added.

Go within. I invite you to go within now and forever more if you wish to find peace. Center yourself. Find your center. Align with your center. Align with the divine within your own heart and ask to be merged with your place of peace. It is at your center that you will find your peace. When you find your place of peace, stay there. Align with it and return to it when you find yourself separate from it.

When you are present in the now, you have all that is and ever could be within your very reach. When you look outside of yourself, you move into lack and judgment. You find error and separation.

When you see yourself wandering outside of your center, you are aimlessly operating in the world without a rudder. Return to that place of peace.

When you are wandering outside of yourself – your center – you then engage in thought and exist in either the past or the future. When you are in the past or future, you are not centered in the now and miss all the blessings of the now. The present is where the magic occurs. The present is where there is peace. You cannot find peace if not in the present moment unless you have cleared all of your limiting beliefs, emotional baggage, and negative memories as these things color your experiences. If you live out the past, you are seeing your current experience from the framework of what already happened. When you move into the future, by and large, you are concerned with what will happen next and wonder if things will work out. You are projecting into your future out of thoughts of your past.

Unless you are currently in the present moment, you will miss the moment and the gift and guidance that moment will provide you.

By letting go of the past, living in the now you will have peace.

If you are disturbed by what you see going on in the world, you are engaging memories of similar experiences. If you have released the experiences from your past, your view of those world experiences will be detached in nature.

The more detached you are to world events, the less attached you are to your past that relates to those circumstances.

It isn’t that you don’t have compassion – far from it. You can be compassionate without being attached and emotionally involved. Being emotionally involved is an indication that you have connection somewhere within your subconscious to the story you are viewing in the outer world or world at large.

You are projecting out to the world something within yourself when you engage emotionally in the circumstances you view.

This is a hard lesson for most to understand and comprehend. They often feel victimized when there is little victimization in the world. Your circumstances are a reflection somehow of what is going on within. Your rate of recovery and coping with life’s challenges is a reflection of your health of the subconscious part of you that carries your memories.

Your memories are what reflect out into the world the circumstances you are attracting. By letting go of the cause of circumstances from within, your outside experiences shift dramatically over time. It may be beyond belief that you may be the one attracting and projecting your reality because you view yourself as a good person. You are all good people. God wants for all to have a life of peace, balance and abundance. If you are experiencing less than that, it is because your barometer is less than that. Work on your barometer.

It isn’t that you are a victim. It isn’t that you are being denied anything from God. It is that you are denying yourself somehow by giving more attention to the experiences of the past than the possibilities of the present.

Those of you who are ready, willing and able to take 100% responsibility for your experiences in life and lack of peace, the faster you can turn your life around. Those that choose to remain victimized will continue to experience life as a victim longer.

Those who choose to suck it up, take 100% responsibility and let go of the cause they are attached to, can turn their life around substantially and, in some cases, instantaneously.

Those that choose to remain attached to an idea or ideal of sorts, can keep themselves stuck in their circumstances longer.

Why do I sound so harsh? Often I am judged as someone who should come across kinder than I do.

It is with great love I share these facts with you. Someone needs to set you straight on the problems of the world or you are going to remain stuck in the world that is not serving your highest good.

We want you to join us in the place of ease and effortlessness. We want you to experience personal and planetary peace. The more of you who attain personal peace, the easier it is for the whole to experience peace.

Wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up one morning and realize there is no more war and struggle. There is no more dismay or disarray.

Why wait, however? Why not achieve it sooner than later? Why not achieve it now? Why wait for the world to change? Why not change your world now?

You have the power to change your reality in an instant.

You don’t have to prove yourself to anyone, you just have to accept who you are and the power you have in who you are. You have the power to affect great change in the world by showing up in it as someone who is at peace.

Take a stand for the life you prefer by showing up in as someone who expresses peace and not someone who expresses peace just on the outside but from the inside.

Start there, stay there and return to there each and every moment you separate from it. This is an ongoing experience and rhythm of life as you move forward in each moment. Who are you being in the moment?

Are you aligned with the divine within your own heart, knowing you are alright and everything is alright in the world as that is the world you wish to project and experience?

If you are not in a place of peace, that is your goal in life. It isn’t about stuff. It is about achieving peace. It is out of that place of peace that you create all of life that should matter to you.

When you are striving to attain a particular goal, why not start it from a place of peace rather than out of a memory or concern? Own that space of peace within your own heart and live from it. Experience the world from it. Create from it.

When you deny yourself your own peace, how do you expect to experience it elsewhere? Do you expect someone to deliver it to your doorstep on a silver platter?

No, you have to create it from within your very being. Be at peace. Strive to attain peace and make it your purpose to maintain it. Use your state of peace as the barometer to know if you have work to do on yourself. If you are not in a state of peace, you are dishonoring the self somehow.

If you are dishonoring the self somehow, find out how. Let it go. Reach deep inside and release that which is holding you back, coloring your thoughts and experiences of the world.

Your world is a reflection of your thoughts and memories and opinions so look within to identify the choices you are making to bring forth that which still provides you unrest. Let it go. You have one life. Do you wish to live it in a stressful state or would you prefer a peaceful state?

What are you doing that is causing your state to be stressful? Are you working in an environment for money but without congruency of your true nature? Being incongruent, causes stress.

Are you speaking harmful words about self, others or life? Then you are creating stress.

Choose your words. Choose the experiences you wish to have. Live from those truths rather than the false truths of your projections which by and large come from your past.

Your past has brought you to where you are today. You need not continue to live in it. Live in the now and choose the now you wish to experience.

You have freedom to choose in each moment how are you going to be in that moment and how you are going to look at life. Let go of the parts of the experience that make you sad, separate, disappointed, anxious, concerned, worried, etc.

Trust that you will be cared for, provided for and that all will work out in the end. If you have a feeling that things are not working out, they will be reflected as such. You have only to look at your own thoughts as to know the outcome of your experiences. If you unequivocally know all will work out and that no matter what happens you will be fine, then your concerns drift in and out and through rather than become the staple of your existence.

When you identify with those thoughts that are troubling and give them your power, you are engaging the laws of the universe to support those outcomes that concern you.

By releasing them to the ethers, allowing them to dissipate, you change the ultimate outcome. You can ask me and or others for assistance in releasing those thoughts. If you have stubborn thoughts or experiences that persist, you have people such as Joy who can connect and interrupt the blocks to releasing and help you let go of what has kept you stuck.

You have only to listen to the small voice within to ascertain what is holding you back. You may not understand the cause of the thought, but you can usually identify the thought that is holding you back – the concerns that you have. Your experiences reflect your beliefs.

You are only a step away from achieving a state of peace in the moment of awareness you display as to the culprit of your separation. Regain your stillness of mind by letting go of the busyness of the mind. The mind is what trips you up repeatedly.

Let go of the mind chatter and judgments about yourself and life that limit your experience of it. The possibilities abound when you are congruent between mind, body and spirit of that which is the reality you wish to experience. Have faith in yourself. As the divine creator lies within you at your essence, create from that space and knowingness. This power is not somewhere outside of you. It is within you and the very breath with which you speak.

Speak the truth you wish to experience to get the results you desire. Empower the negative and you achieve negative.

The power to create is within your own breath. What words are you giving your power to? That is what you are creating.

Trust that power within as all that is necessary and all is available to you by accessing the all within. All begets all. Lack begets lack. Which are you choosing to give life to and bring forth out into the world. Have faith in the power within your very breath to breathe life into that which you desire.

Your beingness is either congruent with the highest good and highest good of all or you are empowering something less than. Which would you prefer? Stand strong in the allowance and acceptance of all there is – is within and be one with it.

When you are one with your own power, you are one with the universe at large. When one with the universe at large, you have the power to change the universe at large. The one, the all, is omnipotent. It has the power to change your world through you. What are you doing to change the world?

Again, this is not an outside job. It is an inside job. Begin to create peace within your very being. Once you are a being of peace, you will attract a peaceful existence. Once you are able to demonstrate peace within your experience, you bring that into the experience of others. They will resonate and be attracted to your peace or not. They will want more of it or not.

You will begin making choices about people, places and things that are of peace and support your peace or you won’t. The more you are congruent within all things and areas of life from a state of peace, the more peace you will have as a constant state of awareness and experience.

As you embrace and commit to peace, you spread the experience of peace throughout your existence and all that you touch. You create out of peace. You permeate and promote peace naturally by who are you being and expressing in the world.

As you embrace the peace within and attract those who prefer and share that state, you will enhance and strengthen the experience of peace in the world.

You will bring forth peace by demonstration being the example of peace. That peace will attract peaceful people and experiences building upon itself to strengthen the realization and expression of peace teaching others by your example. You will find others attracted to your peace to want to know and understand how to experience it within their own lives.

The more they learn to experience peace, the more they will create peaceful experiences and attract peaceful people, places and things to them. The momentum will continue to grow as the movement to express and experience peace grows.

It starts from within. The journey to peace starts with peace within before you can express it outwardly. So rather than be concerned with what is happening in the world that is not of peace, begin by committing to create peace within your world first and encourage the movement toward peace from within the example of peace you demonstrate outwardly.

Shine the light on peace by allowing the peace to shine outwardly from within. Express that peace so it is engaging and attractive to those around you.

Be one with peace moment by moment in order for you to shine a light on the possibilities of peace to others and the world at large.

For the more you demonstrate peace, the more you lead others forward to experience that reality for themselves.

It may sound like a daunting task but if you can’t or won’t do it for yourself, how will expect it to happen to you or for you?

Stand in the truth and possibility of peace and allow peace to reign supreme in your life. Shine a light on peace and the path to peace by being peaceful living a peaceful existence.

Look at your personal world and see what is not of peace and eliminate it. What is causing you a lack of peace? What thoughts are you thinking that are not of peace? What movies and television are you watching that is not of peace? What are you giving your attention to that does not demonstrate peace? Who do you spend time with that is not peaceful?

These are your commitments. Remember that whatever and whomever you are committing to is often who or what you are giving your power to. Are these the things you wish to have power over you?

Own your power to choose the life you prefer. And if it happens to be a life of peace, eliminate that which is not providing you peace and invite in that which will support peace.
The choice and power is yours to make. What do you give your power to? Is it peace?

Why not give peace a chance?

Why not allow it into your life?

Embrace the possibilities that exist within you and the power you give to what you be, do, have and say in your life.

Choose wisely as it is your life. You choose what to experience and/or how you are going to experience it.

The more of you who choose peace at this time, the quicker you will have peace on earth.

But even if others are not in alignment expressing that same desire at this time, you can experience peace within your personal world. When you are aligned with peace, that is what you will experience. If you have peace within your own world, does it matter as much what others are choosing?

Others do not dictate your experience of your world but your thoughts about your world and where you put your attention will dictate how your world is experienced.

I invite you to experience a life of peace.

I now leave you in peace.

Peace be with you now and forever more.

Archangel Michael

spiritual coach

Joy S. Pedersen, Founder of Express Success LLC, is an intuitive Licensed Spiritual Healer, Certified Spiritual Health Coach, Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner, non-denominational ordained minister, and Doctor of Divinity. A noted business consultant and networker with a celebrated international clientele with whom she works remotely by phone, Skype, or Zoom.

Archangel Michael asked her to channel his book, Wisdom of the Guardian: Treasures from Archangel Michael to Change Your Life and join him in a healing practice. Their global healing work to set humanity free is featured in the international best-seller "Clear Your Past and Change Your Future".

She works closely with individuals and businesses of all sizes to identify and clear their hidden challenges with money, relationships, career, business, health and well being. Her work includes removing negative memories, emotions, beliefs, past lives, property, travel, darkness, curses, and karma.

For a free report to enhance your life and help you soar and succeed with more ease, go here.

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